Politics Quotes

 ?? Paul Douglas
To be a liberal one doesn’t have to be a wastrel.
During debates on spending. As quoted in Kiplinger's Personal Finance, January 1951.
He’s not a total moron.
Slogan for his write-in campaign for Senate in South Carolina, reported in 2010.
 ?? Pablo Neruda
Now, on the road to freedom, I was pausing for a moment near Temuco and could hear the voice of the water that had taught me to sing.
On view of his childhood home of Temuco, Argentina, as he fled a new political regime in Chile, in "Wall Street Journal," November 14, 1985.
 ?? Barack Obama
As popular as a root canal.
State of the Union speech. Referring to the bank bailout.
 ?? Barack Obama
There are no magic beans that you can toss in the ground and suddenly a bunch of money grows on trees.
President of the United States. Emphasizing the importance of the November 23, 2011 deadline for a congressional supercommittee to reach an agreement on how to lower the deficit by $1.2 trillion.
 ?? Barack Obama
They've found a way to have their cake — and vote against it, too.
At a New Hampshire town meeting, Obama faulted Republicans for slamming the government stimulus package and then praising the hometown projects that it financed.
Photograph taken in 1882 by Napoleon Sarony ?? Oscar Wilde
Public opinion exists only where there are no ideas.
A Few Maxims For The A Few Maxims For The Instruction Of The Over-Educated, 1894