love [?]

Quotes with love

Allen in New York, 2006 ?? Woody Allen
Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it.
A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982)
 ?? Erich Fromm
Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.
The Art of Loving (1956). The full quotation contains a more reserved statement, but this shorter version is non-the-less widely quoted.
 ?? Golda Meir
Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.
Statement to the National Press Club in Washington, D. C. in 1957
Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, by Lemuel Francis Abbott ?? Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson
I am ill every time it blows hard and nothing but my enthusiastic love for my profession keeps me one hour at sea.
Writing to the 2nd Earl of Camden in October 1804 from his flagship HMS Victory, Vice-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson described his personal suffering from seasickness as he explained why the Earl of Camden's 16-year-old nephew was unsuited to naval life and had left the HMS Victory just a few months after joining the Navy.
 ?? Barack Obama
You’ve confronted crimes of hatred and intolerance with truth and love.
About Nelson Mandela during his visit to South Africa in July 2013.
Love is the true key of history.
Life of St. Francis d'Assisi (1894)
Photograph taken in 1882 by Napoleon Sarony ?? Oscar Wilde
Those whom the gods love grow young.
A Few Maxims For The A Few Maxims For The Instruction Of The Over-Educated, 1894