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Quotes with history

 ?? Carl L. Becker
History is the memory of things said and done.
Address at the American Historical Association (December 1931)
Photo by Elliott & Fry circa 1860s ?? Thomas Carlyle
The history of the world is but the biography of great men.
Heroes and Hero-Worship, The Hero as Divinity, 1841
Ford in 1919 ?? Henry Ford
History is more or less bunk.
Chicago Tribune, May 25, 1916
 ?? Jack Kilby
I had the fortunate experience of being the first person with the right idea and the right resources available at the right time in history.
Autobiography from Les Prix Nobel. The Nobel Prizes 2000, Editor Tore Frängsmyr, [Nobel Foundation], Stockholm, 2001
Love is the true key of history.
Life of St. Francis d'Assisi (1894)
Objective history is then a utopia.
Life of St. Francis d'Assisi (1894)
 ?? Thucydides
History is philosophy teaching by examples.
The History of the Peloponnesian War