heart [?]

Quotes with heart

 ?? Paul Douglas
Having tried to apply the pruning knife to causes which were close to my heart, I was free to seek economies elsewhere with good grace.
About his vote to cut appropriations for some welfare agencies. As quoted in Kiplinger's Personal Finance, January 1951.
Daguerreotype of Senator Sumner, 1855 ?? Charles Sumner
Beware of the wounds of the wounded souls; oppress notto the utmost a single heart, for a solitary sign has power to overset a whole world.
Oriental proverb that Sumner quoted during a major speech given in the Senate on August 26, 1852 during which he attacked the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act. In response to Sumner's speech, a Senator from Alabama said "The ravings of a maniac may sometimes be dangerous, but the barking of a puppy never did any harm."