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Celebrity Birthdays In 1938

Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan (April 8, 1938-)

Kofi Atta Annan is a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 1997 to December 2006. Annan and the United Nations were the co-recipients of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize "for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world." He is the founder and the Chairman of the Kofi Annan... Wikipedia
Kumasi, Ghana
Pupi Avati

Pupi Avati (November 3, 1938-)

Giuseppe Avati, better known as Pupi Avati, is an Italian film director, producer, and screenwriter. Wikipedia
Bologna, Italy
David Baltimore

David Baltimore (March 7, 1938-)

David Baltimore is an American biologist, university administrator, and 1975 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine. He served as president of the California Institute of Technology from 1997 to 2006, and is currently the President Emeritus and Robert Andrews Millikan Professor of Biology at Caltech. He also served as president of Rockefeller... Wikipedia
New York City, New York, United States

Josette Banzet (April 6, 1938-)

Josette Banzet, Marquise de Bruyenne is a French-born American-based actress. She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film for her performance in 'Rich Man, Poor Man'. Wikipedia

Stephen J. Benkovic (April 20, 1938-)

Stephen James Benkovic is an American chemist. He is Evan Pugh Professor and Eberly Chair in Chemistry at Penn State University. His research has focused on mechanistic enzymology and the discovery of enzyme inhibitors. He was elected to the United States National Academy of Sciences in 1985. Wikipedia
Orange, New Jersey

Michael Berridge (October 22, 1938-)

Sir Michael John Berridge, FRS FMedSci is a Rhodesian-born British physiologist and biochemist. He is best known for his work on cellular transmembrane signalling, in particular the discovery that inositol trisphosphate acts as a second messenger, linking events at the plasma membrane with the release of Ca 2+ within the cell. Wikipedia
Don Black (lyricist)

Don Black (lyricist) (June 21, 1938-)

Don Black is an English lyricist. His works have included numerous musicals, movie themes and hit songs. He has provided lyrics for John Barry, Charles Strouse, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Quincy Jones, Lulu, Jule Styne, Henry Mancini, Michael Jackson, Elmer Bernstein, Michel Legrand, Hayley Westenra, A. R. Rahman, Marvin Hamlisch and Debbie Wiseman. Wikipedia

Lawrence Block (June 24, 1938-)

Lawrence Block is an American crime writer best known for two long-running New York–set series about the recovering alcoholic P.I. Matthew Scudder and the gentleman burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr. Block was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America in 1994. Wikipedia
Buffalo, New York, United States
Manuel Blum

Manuel Blum (April 26, 1938-)

Manuel Blum is a Venezuelan computer scientist who received the Turing Award in 1995 "In recognition of his contributions to the foundations of computational complexity theory and its application to cryptography and program checking". Wikipedia
Caracas, Venezuela
Leonardo Boff

Leonardo Boff (<a href="/born/year/1938" title="Celebrities Born in 1938">1938</a>-)

Leonardo Boff is a Brazilian theologian and writer, known for his active support for the rights of the poor and excluded. He currently serves as Professor Emeritus of Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Ecology at the Rio de Janeiro State University. Wikipedia

William Bolcom (May 26, 1938-)

William Elden Bolcom is an American composer and pianist. He has received the Pulitzer Prize, the National Medal of Arts, two Grammy Awards, the Detroit Music Award and was named 2007 Composer of the Year by Musical America. Bolcom taught composition at the University of Michigan from 1973–2008. He is married to mezzo-soprano Joan Morris. Wikipedia

Alan Bradley (writer) (<a href="/born/year/1938" title="Celebrities Born in 1938">1938</a>-)

Alan Bradley is a Canadian mystery writer known for his 'Flavia de Luce' series, which began with the acclaimed 'The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie'. Wikipedia
Toronto Canada
Stewart Brand

Stewart Brand (December 14, 1938-)

Stewart Brand is an American writer, best known as editor of the 'Whole Earth Catalog'. He founded a number of organizations, including The WELL, the Global Business Network, and the Long Now Foundation. He is the author of several books, most recently 'Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto'. Wikipedia
Rockford, Illinois, United States

Kevin Brownlow (June 2, 1938-)

Kevin Brownlow is a British film historian, television documentary-maker, filmmaker, author, and film editor. Brownlow is best known for his work documenting the history of the silent era. Brownlow became interested in silent film at the age of eleven. This interest grew into a career spent documenting and restoring film. He has rescued many silent... Wikipedia
Crowborough, Sussex

Larry Bryggman (December 21, 1938-)

Arvid Laurence "Larry" Bryggman is an American actor. Wikipedia
Concord, California, U.S.

Shirley Caesar (October 13, 1938-)

Shirley Ann Caesar-Williams, known professionally as Shirley Caesar is an American Gospel music singer, songwriter and recording artist whose career has spanned over six decades. A multi-award winning artist, with eleven Grammy Awards and seven Dove Awards to her credit, she is known as the "First Lady of Gospel Music". Wikipedia
JJ Cale

JJ Cale (December 5, 1938-July 26, 2013)

John Weldon Cale, known as JJ Cale or J.J. Cale, was a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter and musician. Cale was one of the originators of the Tulsa Sound, a loose genre drawing on blues, rockabilly, country, and jazz influences. Cale's personal style has often been described as "laid back". Wikipedia
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
La Jolla, California, U.S.

David Canary (August 25, 1938-)

David Hoyt Canary is an American actor, who starred in both soap operas and prime time television. He is best known for his roles as the ranch foreman, Candy Canaday on 'Bonanza' and identical twins Adam Chandler from 1983 to 2010 and Stuart Chandler from 1984 to 2009 on the daytime serial, 'All My Children'. He has won five Daytime Emmy Awards for... Wikipedia
Elwood, Indiana, United States
Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale (April 15, 1938-)

Claudia Cardinale is a Tunisian-born Italian film actress of Sicilian parentage. She appeared in some of the most prominent European films of the 1960s and 1970s, mainly Italian or French, but also in several English films. Wikipedia
Tunis. Tunisia
Raymond Carver

Raymond Carver (May 25, 1938-August 2, 1988)

Raymond Clevie Carver, Jr. was an American short story writer and poet. Carver contributed to the revitalization of the American short story in literature during the 1980s. Wikipedia
Clatskanie, Oregon, United States
Port Angeles, Washington, United States
Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano (January 6, 1938-)

Adriano Celentano is an Italian singer, composer, comedian, actor, film director and TV host. He is the best-selling male Italian singer. Wikipedia

Oleg Chukhontsev (<a href="/born/year/1938" title="Celebrities Born in 1938">1938</a>-)

Oleg Grigoryevich Chukhontsev is a Russian poet. Wikipedia
Sandra Church

Sandra Church (January 13, 1938-)

Sandra Church is an American actress in films and theatre, primarily known for her performance as Gypsy Rose Lee in the 1959 musical 'Gypsy: A Musical Fable', for which she was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Wikipedia
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran (October 3, 1938-April 17, 1960)

Ray Edward 'Eddie' Cochran was an American rock and roll pioneer who in his brief career had a lasting influence on rock music. Cochran's rockabilly songs, such as "C'mon Everybody", "Somethin' Else", and "Summertime Blues", captured teenage frustration and desire in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He experimented with multitrack recording and... Wikipedia
Albert Lea, Minnesota, United States
Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
Gary Collins (actor)

Gary Collins (actor) (April 30, 1938-October 13, 2012)

Gary Ennis Collins was an American film and television actor and award-winning talk show host. Wikipedia
Venice, California, United States
Biloxi, Mississippi, United States

John Corigliano (February 16, 1938-)

John Corigliano is an American composer of classical music. His scores, now numbering over one hundred, have won him the Pulitzer Prize, five Grammy Awards, Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition, and an Oscar. He is a distinguished professor of music at Lehman College in the City University of New York and on the composition faculty at the... Wikipedia
New York City, New York, United States

Barbara D'Amato (April 10, 1938-)

Barbara D'Amato is an American mystery author and winner of the Agatha and Anthony Award. She also features in 'Great Women Mystery Writers'. Wikipedia
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels (April 6, 1938-)

Newton Edward Daniels, known by his stage name Paul Daniels, is a British magician and television performer. He achieved international fame through his television series 'The Paul Daniels Magic Show', which ran on the BBC from 1979 to 1994. Wikipedia
South Bank, Middlesbrough, North Riding of Yorkshire, England
Billy Davis, Jr.

Billy Davis, Jr. (June 26, 1938-)

Billy Davis, Jr. is an American musician, best known as a member of the 5th Dimension. Along with his wife, Marilyn McCoo, he had hit records during 1976 and 1977 with "I Hope We Get to Love in Time", "Your Love", and "You Don't Have to Be a Star". Davis and McCoo were married in 1969. They became the first African American married couple to host a... Wikipedia
Francis Deng

Francis Deng (<a href="/born/year/1938" title="Celebrities Born in 1938">1938</a>-)

Francis Mading Deng is a politician and diplomat from South Sudan who served as the newly independent country's first ambassador to the United Nations. Wikipedia
Republic of Sudan
Brian Dennehy

Brian Dennehy (July 9, 1938-)

Brian Mannion Dennehy is an American actor of film, stage, and television. After gaining recognition for portraying the overzealous Sheriff Will Teasle in 'First Blood', Dennehy went on to win one Golden Globe, two Tony Awards and six Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Wikipedia
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz (September 1, 1938-)

Alan Morton Dershowitz is an American lawyer, jurist, and political commentator. He is a prominent scholar on United States constitutional law and criminal law. He has spent most of his career at Harvard Law School where in 1967, at the age of 28, he became the youngest full professor of law in its history. He has held the Felix Frankfurter... Wikipedia
Brooklyn, New York
Duane Eddy

Duane Eddy (April 26, 1938-)

Duane Eddy is an American guitarist. In the late 1950s and early 1960s he had a string of hit records produced by Lee Hazlewood which were noted for their characteristically "twangy" sound, including "Rebel Rouser", "Peter Gunn", and "Because They're Young". He had sold 12 million records by 1963. Wikipedia
Corning, New York, United States

Johnny Edwards (baseball) (June 10, 1938-)

John Alban Edwards is an American former professional baseball player. Known for his excellent defensive skills, he played as a catcher in Major League Baseball for the Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals and Houston Astros. Wikipedia
Columbus, Ohio

Bradley Efron (May 24, 1938-)

Bradley Efron is an American statistician best known for proposing the bootstrap resampling technique, which has had a major impact in the field of statistics and virtually every area of statistical application. The bootstrap was one of the first computer-intensive statistical techniques, replacing traditional algebraic derivations with data-based... Wikipedia

James Feast (June 25, 1938-)

William James "Jim" Feast CBE FRS FRSC is a British chemical scientist and academic. Wikipedia
Albert Fert

Albert Fert (March 7, 1938-)

Albert Fert is a French physicist and one of the discoverers of giant magnetoresistance which brought about a breakthrough in gigabyte hard disks. Currently, he is an emeritus professor at Université Paris-Sud in Orsay and scientific director of a joint laboratory between the Centre national de la recherche scientifique and Thales Group. Also, he... Wikipedia
Carcassonne, France
Curt Flood

Curt Flood (January 18, 1938-January 20, 1997)

Curtis Charles Flood was a Major League Baseball center fielder who spent 15-seasons in the major leagues playing for the Cincinnati Redlegs, St. Louis Cardinals, and Washington Senators. Wikipedia
Houston, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth (August 25, 1938-)

Frederick Forsyth, CBE is an English author, former journalist and occasional political commentator. He is best known for thrillers such as 'The Day of the Jackal', 'The Odessa File', 'The Fourth Protocol', 'The Dogs of War', 'The Devil's Alternative', 'The Fist of God', 'Icon', 'The Veteran', 'Avenger', 'The Afghan', 'The Cobra' and 'The Kill... Wikipedia
Ashford, Kent, England
Jean-Louis Fournier

Jean-Louis Fournier (December 19, 1938-)

Jean-Louis Fournier is a French writer, and winner of the Prix Femina, 2008, for 'Où on va, papa?'. Wikipedia
Alberto Fujimori

Alberto Fujimori (July 28, 1938-)

Alberto Fujimori Fujimori served as President of Peru from 28 July 1990 to 17 November 2000. A controversial figure, Fujimori has been credited with the creation of Fujimorism, uprooting terrorism in Peru and restoring its macroeconomic stability. However, he was criticized for his authoritarian way of ruling the country and was accused of human... Wikipedia
Lima, Peru

Nancy Garden (May 15, 1938-June 23, 2014)

Nancy Garden was an American writer of fiction for children and young adults, best known for the lesbian novel 'Annie on My Mind'. She received the 2003 Margaret Edwards Award from the American Library Association recognizing her lifetime contribution in writing for teens, citing 'Annie' alone. Wikipedia
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Carlisle, Massachusetts

Larry Gogan (May 6, 1938-)

Lorcan 'Larry' Gogan is an Irish broadcaster working for Raidió Teilifís Éireann. He is a disc jockey on RTÉ 2fm. His show is 'The Golden Hour', during which Larry plays old favourites and classic songs from yesteryear. Gogan spun the first disc on Radio 2, 'Like Clockwork' by The Boomtown Rats. Louis Walsh has described him as one of "the kings of... Wikipedia

Peter Gosse (October 6, 1938-)

Peter Gosse is a German poet, prose author and essayist. Wikipedia
Carl Gottlieb

Carl Gottlieb (March 18, 1938-)

Carl Gottlieb is an American screenwriter, actor, comedian and executive. He is probably best known for co-writing the screenplay for 'Jaws', as well as directing the 1981 low-budget cult film 'Caveman'. Wikipedia
New York City, New York, U.S.

Roger Greenaway (August 23, 1938-)

Roger John Reginald Greenaway OBE is an English songwriter and record producer, best known for his collaborations with Roger Cook. His compositions have included "You've Got Your Troubles" and the transatlantic million selling songs "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" and "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress". They were the first UK songwriting... Wikipedia
Fishponds, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Janet Guthrie

Janet Guthrie (March 7, 1938-)

Janet Guthrie is a retired professional race car driver and the first woman to qualify and compete in both the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500. Wikipedia
Iowa City, Iowa

John Harvey (author) (December 21, 1938-)

John Harvey is a British author of crime fiction most famous for his series of jazz-influenced Charlie Resnick novels, based in the City of Nottingham. Wikipedia

Giles Havergal (June 9, 1938-)

Giles Pollock Havergal CBE is a theatre director, actor, director, teacher, and adaptor. He was artistic director of Glasgow's Citizens Theatre from 1969 until he stepped down in 2003, one of the triumvirate of directors at the theatre, alongside Philip Prowse and Robert David MacDonald. Wikipedia
Teresa Heinz

Teresa Heinz (October 5, 1938-)

Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz, known as Teresa Heinz, is a Portuguese–American businesswoman and philanthropist, the widow of former U.S. Senator H. John Heinz III, and the wife of current U.S. Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator John Kerry. Wikipedia
Lourenço Marques, Mozambique (Portugal)
Hans Herbjørnsrud

Hans Herbjørnsrud (January 2, 1938-)

Hans Herbjørnsrud is a Norwegian author of short stories. His works frequently play with the differences between Norwegian languages Bokmål and Nynorsk and the various Norwegian dialects. His stories' characters sometimes playfully mix and invent languages, sometimes become caught up in their linguistic games and start losing their identity. Wikipedia
Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi (October 22, 1938-)

Sir Derek George Jacobi CBE is an English actor and stage director. Wikipedia
Leytonstone, London, England
Etta James

Etta James (January 25, 1938-January 20, 2012)

Etta James was an American singer. Her style spanned a variety of music genres including blues, R&B, soul, rock and roll, jazz and gospel. Starting her career in 1954, she gained fame with hits such as "The Wallflower", "At Last", "Tell Mama", "Something's Got a Hold on Me", and "I'd Rather Go Blind" for which she wrote the lyrics. She faced a... Wikipedia
Los Angeles, California, United States
Riverside, California, United States
S. Janaki

S. Janaki (April 23, 1938-)

Sishtla Sreeramamurthy Janaki, commonly known as S. Janaki, is an Indian playback singer. Janaki had sung nearly 40,000 songs, encompassing most of the languages of South India, during a career that has lasted over 50 years. Though she has sung songs in various languages, most of her songs were in the South Indian languages of Kannada, Malayalam,... Wikipedia
Pallapatla, Repalle village, Guntur, Madras Presidency, British India
Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings (July 29, 1938-August 7, 2005)

Peter Charles Archibald Ewart Jennings, CM was a Canadian-American journalist and news anchor. He was the sole anchor of ABC's 'World News Tonight' from 1983 until his death in 2005 of complications from lung cancer. A high-school dropout, he transformed himself into one of American television's most prominent journalists. Wikipedia
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

Jack Jones (singer) (January 14, 1938-)

:'This article is about American vocalist Jack Jones, not to be confused with the Australian singer and musician, born as Irwin Thomas, who was previously billed as Jack Jones' John Allan Jones, known by his stage name Jack Jones, is an American jazz and pop singer, popular during the 1960s. Jones was primarily a straight pop singer whose ventures... Wikipedia
Hollywood, California, United States

Ken Jones (news reporter) (June 9, 1938-May 13, 1993)

Kenneth Leon "Ken" Jones was an American television journalist, actor, reporter and news anchor. He was Los Angeles television's first black weeknight news anchor, working for Los Angeles television station KTTV-TV channel 11 and KNXT channel 2. Jones was known for his reports on the 1965 Watts riots and the assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy... Wikipedia
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California
Jim Kaat

Jim Kaat (November 7, 1938-)

James Lee "Jim" Kaat, nicknamed "Kitty", is a former American Major League Baseball pitcher for the Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, and St. Louis Cardinals. His 25-year career spanned four decades. Wikipedia
Zeeland, Michigan
Bob Kahn

Bob Kahn (December 23, 1938-)

Robert Elliot "Bob" Kahn is an American electrical engineer, who, along with Vint Cerf, invented the Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol, the fundamental communication protocols at the heart of the Internet. Wikipedia
New York
Shashi Kapoor

Shashi Kapoor (March 18, 1938-)

Shashi Kapoor, born as Balbir Raj Prithviraj Kapoor on 18 March 1938, is an Indian film actor and film producer. He has also been a film director and assistant director in the Hindi film industry. Wikipedia
Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Girish Karnad

Girish Karnad (May 19, 1938-)

Girish Raghunath Karnad is an Indian actor, film director, writer and playwright who predominantly works in South Indian cinema. His rise as a playwright in 1960s, marked the coming of age of modern Indian playwriting in Kannada, just as Badal Sarkar did in Bengali, Vijay Tendulkar in Marathi, and Mohan Rakesh in Hindi. He is a recipient of the... Wikipedia
Matheran, Maharashtra

Frank Kelly (December 28, 1938-)

Frank Kelly is an Irish actor, singer and writer, whose career has covered television, radio, theatre, music, screenwriting and film. He played Father Jack Hackett in the sitcom 'Father Ted'. He is the son of the cartoonist Charles E. Kelly. Wikipedia
Robion Kirby

Robion Kirby (February 25, 1938-)

Robion Cromwell Kirby is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley who specializes in low-dimensional topology. He coinvented the Kirby–Siebenmann invariant for classifying the piecewise linear structures on a topological manifold and proved the fundamental result on the Kirby calculus, a method for describing 3-manifolds... Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois
Phil Knight

Phil Knight (February 24, 1938-)

Philip Hampson "Phil" Knight is an American business magnate and philanthropist. A native of Oregon, he is the co-founder and chairman of Nike, Inc., and previously served as the chief executive officer of Nike. By 2011, Knight's stake in Nike gave him an estimated net worth of US$14.4 billion, making him the 47th richest person in the world and... Wikipedia
Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Bobby Knoop (October 18, 1938-)

Robert Frank Knoop [kuh-NOPP] is a former Major League Baseball second baseman and right-handed batter who played for the California Angels, Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals. Wikipedia
Sioux City, Iowa
Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth (January 10, 1938-)

Donald Ervin Knuth is an American computer scientist, mathematician, and professor emeritus at Stanford University. Wikipedia
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Leonid Kuchma

Leonid Kuchma (August 9, 1938-)

Leonid Danylovych Kuchma was the second President of independent Ukraine from 19 July 1994 to 23 January 2005. Kuchma took office after winning the 1994 presidential election against his rival, incumbent Leonid Kravchuk. Kuchma won re-election for an additional five-year term in 1999. Wikipedia
Chaikyne, Chernihiv Oblast, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union
Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar (July 9, 1938-November 6, 1985)

Sanjeev Kumar 9 July 1938 - 6 November 1985) was a noted Indian film actor. He won several major awards including two National Film Awards for Best Actor for his performances in the movies 'Dastak' and 'Koshish'. He acted in genres ranging from romantic drama to thrillers. Unlike his peers, Sanjeev Kumar did not mind playing roles that were... Wikipedia
Bombay, Bombay Presidency, India
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Frank Langella

Frank Langella (January 1, 1938-)

Frank A. Langella, Jr. is an American stage and film actor. He has won three Tony Awards, two for Best Leading Actor in a Play for his performance as Richard Nixon in the play 'Frost/Nixon' and for the role of Leslie in Edward Albee's 'Seascape'. Additionally, Langella has won two Obie Awards and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in... Wikipedia
Bayonne, New Jersey, United States

Gavino Ledda (December 30, 1938-)

Gavino Ledda is an author and a scholar of the Italian language and of Sardinian. He is best known for his autobiographical work 'Padre padrone'. Wikipedia
Siligo, Sassari, Italy
Anthony James Leggett

Anthony James Leggett (March 26, 1938-)

Sir Anthony James Leggett, KBE, FRS, also Tony Leggett, has been a Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 1983. Wikipedia
Camberwell, London, England, UK

Richard Lerner (August 26, 1938-)

Richard A. Lerner is an American research chemist. Best known for his work on catalytic antibodies, Lerner served as President of The Scripps Research Institute until January 1, 2012, and is currently a member of its Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology, in La Jolla, California. Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Raphael David Levine

Raphael David Levine (March 29, 1938-)

Raphael David Levine is an Israeli chemist who is a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Los Angeles and the Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Wikipedia
Alexandria, Egypt

Arvid Torgeir Lie (August 18, 1938-)

Arvid Torgeir Lie is a Norwegian poet, writer of short stories and translator. He hails from Tokke. Among his poetry collections are 'Under fuglens vengjekross' and 'Snøvinter', and his collection of short stories, 'Den nye maskina og andre noveller', came in 1986. Wikipedia
Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot (November 17, 1938-)

Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Jr. is a Canadian singer-songwriter who achieved international success in folk, folk-rock, and country music, and has been credited for helping define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s. He has been referred to as Canada's greatest songwriter and internationally as a folk-rock legend. Wikipedia
Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Tomas Lindahl (January 28, 1938-)

Tomas Robert Lindahl FRS is a Swedish scientist specialising in cancer research. Wikipedia
Torgny Lindgren

Torgny Lindgren (June 16, 1938-)

Gustav Torgny Lindgren is a Swedish writer. Wikipedia
Raggsjö, Norsjö, Sweden
Jeanne Little

Jeanne Little (May 11, 1938-)

Jeanne Little is a Gold Logie-award winning Australian entertainer and TV personality, now retired. Wikipedia
Sydney, Australia
Rich Little

Rich Little (November 26, 1938-)

Richard Caruthers "Rich" Little is a Canadian-American impressionist and voice actor, nicknamed "The Man of a Thousand Voices" by voice actor Mel Blanc. Wikipedia
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd (October 22, 1938-)

Christopher Allen Lloyd is an American actor best known for his roles as Emmett "Doc" Brown in the 'Back to the Future' trilogy, Jim Ignatowski in the television series 'Taxi', Uncle Fester in 'The Addams Family' and its sequel 'Addams Family Values', and Judge Doom in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'. Wikipedia
Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.
Kito Lorenc

Kito Lorenc (<a href="/born/year/1938" title="Celebrities Born in 1938">1938</a>-)

Kito Lorenc, grandson of the Sorbian writer Jakub Lorenc-Zalěski, is a Sorbian-German writer, lyric poet and translator. Wikipedia

Richie Lucas (April 15, 1938-)

Richard John "Riverboat Richie" Lucas is an former American football quarterback. He played college football at Pennsylvania State University from 1957 to 1959 and professionally in the American Football League with the Buffalo Bills from 1960 to 1961 and the Denver Broncos in 1962. Wikipedia
Glassport, Pennsylvania
Angela Luce

Angela Luce (December 3, 1938-)

Angela Luce is an Italian film actress and singer of Neapolitan song. She has appeared in 80 films since 1958. She was born in Naples, Italy. Wikipedia
Naples, Italy

Patricia MacLachlan (March 3, 1938-)

Patricia "Patty" MacLachlan is an American children's writer, who is best known for the 1986 Newbery Medal-winning novel 'Sarah, Plain and Tall' which was later adapted as a TV movie starring Glenn Close and Christopher Walken. Wikipedia
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Gene MacLellan (February 2, 1938-January 19, 1995)

Gene MacLellan was a Canadian singer-songwriter from Prince Edward Island. Wikipedia
Val-d'Or, Quebec, Canada
Pownal, Prince Edward Island
Lynn Margulis

Lynn Margulis (March 5, 1938-November 22, 2011)

Lynn Margulis was an American biologist best known for her scientific theory on the origin of complex cells, called symbiogenesis. She obtained a bachelor degree from the University of Chicago at age 19, and married Carl Sagan, then a physics student. She graduated with master's degree in genetics and zoology from the University of Chicago at age... Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Bill Martin (musician) (November 9, 1938-)

Bill Martin is a Scottish songwriter, music publisher and impresario. He has been presented with three Ivor Novello Awards. Wikipedia
Govan, Glasgow, Scotland

Philip Martin (screenwriter) (<a href="/born/year/1938" title="Celebrities Born in 1938">1938</a>-)

Philip Martin is an English television screenwriter. Wikipedia
Liverpool, England
Willie McCovey

Willie McCovey (January 10, 1938-)

Willie Lee McCovey, nicknamed "Mac", "Big Mac", and "Stretch", is a former Major League Baseball first baseman. He played nineteen seasons for the San Francisco Giants, and three more for the San Diego Padres and Oakland Athletics, between and. He batted and threw left-handed and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in. Wikipedia
Mobile, Alabama
Terrence McNally

Terrence McNally (November 3, 1938-)

Terrence McNally is an American playwright. Wikipedia
St. Petersburg, Florida
Don Meredith

Don Meredith (April 10, 1938-December 5, 2010)

Joseph Don "Dandy Don" Meredith was an American football quarterback, sports commentator and actor. He spent all nine seasons of his professional playing career with the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. He was named to the Pro Bowl in each of his last three years as a player. He subsequently became a color analyst for NFL telecasts... Wikipedia
Mount Vernon, Texas
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Adalberto Maria Merli

Adalberto Maria Merli (January 14, 1938-)

Adalberto Maria Merli is an Italian television and film actor. He has appeared in 27 films since 1965. Wikipedia
Rome, Italy

Kurt Moll (April 11, 1938-)

Kurt Moll is a very widely-recorded German operatic bass singer, now retired. Wikipedia
Buir, Germany
Carlos Monsiváis

Carlos Monsiváis (May 17, 1938-June 19, 2010)

Carlos Monsiváis Aceves was a Mexican writer, critic, political activist, and journalist. He also wrote political opinion columns in leading newspapers leader within the country's progressive sectors. His generation of writers includes Elena Poniatowska, José Emilio Pacheco, and Carlos Fuentes. Monsiváis won more than 33 awards, including the 1986... Wikipedia
Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Bert Newton

Bert Newton (July 23, 1938-)

Albert Watson "Bert" Newton, AM, MBE, nicknamed Moonface, is an Australian veteran entertainer and Radio, Theatre and Television personality/presenter, known for hosting television series such as 'In Melbourne Tonight', 'Good Morning Australia', and '20 to 1'. Newton has hosted the Logie Awards on numerous occasions through his career, and is a... Wikipedia
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Larry Niven

Larry Niven (April 30, 1938-)

Laurence van Cott Niven — known as Larry Niven — is an American science fiction writer. His best-known work is 'Ringworld', which received Hugo, Locus, Ditmar, and Nebula awards. The Science Fiction Writers of America named him the 2015 recipient of the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award. His work is primarily hard science fiction, using big... Wikipedia
Los Angeles, California, USA

Sergei Novikov (mathematician) (March 20, 1938-)

Sergei Petrovich Novikov is a Soviet and Russian mathematician, noted for work in both algebraic topology and soliton theory. In 1970, he won the Fields Medal. Wikipedia
Gorky, Russian SFSR, USSR
Ryōji Noyori

Ryōji Noyori (September 3, 1938-)

Ryōji Noyori is a Japanese chemist. He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2001. Noyori shared half of the prize with William S. Knowles for the study of chirally catalyzed hydrogenations; the second half of the Prize went to K. Barry Sharpless for his study in chirally catalyzed oxidation reactions. Wikipedia
Kobe, Japan
Robert Nozick

Robert Nozick (November 16, 1938-January 23, 2002)

Robert Nozick was an American philosopher who was most prominent in the 1970s and 1980s. He was a professor at Harvard University. He is best known for his book 'Anarchy, State, and Utopia', a libertarian answer to John Rawls' 'A Theory of Justice'. His other work involved decision theory and epistemology. Wikipedia
Brooklyn, New York
Cambridge, Massachusetts
David R. Nygren

David R. Nygren (December 30, 1938-)

David Robert Nygren is a particle physicist known for his invention of the time projection chamber. He is a Presidential Distinguished Professor of Physics, University of Texas at Arlington now. He has worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory since 1973. He has been called "the most distinguished developer of particle detection instruments... Wikipedia
Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates (June 16, 1938-)

Joyce Carol Oates is an American author. Oates published her first book in 1963 and has since published over forty novels, as well as a number of plays and novellas, and many volumes of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction. She has won many awards for her writing, including the National Book Award, for her novel 'them', two O. Henry Awards, and... Wikipedia
Lockport, New York, U.S.
Bill O'Herlihy

Bill O'Herlihy (September 26, 1938-May 25, 2015)

Bill O'Herlihy was an Irish television broadcaster and public relations executive. He was best known for his broadcasts for Raidió Teilifís Éireann, primarily in the sporting arena. Presenter for 10 FIFA World Cups and 10 Summer Olympic Games, O'Herlihy was noted for his "Okey Doke" catchphrase. Retiring from RTÉ following its coverage of the 2014... Wikipedia
Glasheen, Cork, Republic of Ireland
Tony Oliva

Tony Oliva (July 20, 1938-)

Tony Pedro Oliva is a former Major League Baseball right fielder and designated hitter. A star of the first magnitude during baseball's "second deadball era", he spent his entire 15-year baseball career playing for the Minnesota Twins from 1962 through 1976. Wikipedia
Pinar del Río, Cuba
Leon Panetta

Leon Panetta (June 28, 1938-)

Leon Edward Panetta is an American politician, lawyer and professor. He served in the Barack Obama administration as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2009 to 2011 and as Secretary of Defense from 2011 to 2013. An Italian-American Democrat, Panetta was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1977 to 1993, served... Wikipedia
Monterey, California, United States

C. Kumar N. Patel (July 2, 1938-)

Chandra Kumar Naranbhai Patel is an electrical engineer. He developed the carbon dioxide laser in 1963; it is now widely used in industry for cutting and welding, as a laser scalpel in surgery, and in laser skin resurfacing. Because the atmosphere is quite transparent to infrared light, CO 2 lasers are also used for military rangefinding using... Wikipedia
Baramati, Bombay Presidency, British India
Artavazd Peleshyan

Artavazd Peleshyan (November 22, 1938-)

Artavazd Ashoti Peleshyan is an Armenian director of film-essays, a documentarian in the history of film art, and a film theorist. However, his work, unlike Maya Deren's, is not avant-garde, nor does it try to explore the absurd. It is also not really art for art's sake, like the work of Stan Brakhage, for instance, but is generally acknowledged,... Wikipedia
Anne Perry

Anne Perry (October 28, 1938-)

Anne Perry is an English author of historical detective fiction, best known for her Thomas Pitt and William Monk series. She was convicted of participating in the murder of her friend's mother in 1954. She changed her name after serving her sentence. Wikipedia
Blackheath, London England
Gaylord Perry

Gaylord Perry (September 15, 1938-)

Gaylord Jackson Perry is a former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher. He pitched from 1962 to 1983 for eight different teams. During a 22-year baseball career, Perry compiled 314 wins, 3,534 strikeouts, and a 3.11 earned run average. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991. Wikipedia
Williamston, North Carolina
Lyudmila Petrushevskaya

Lyudmila Petrushevskaya (May 26, 1938-)

Lyudmila Stefanovna Petrushevskaya is a Russian writer, novelist and playwright. Wikipedia
Moscow, Russia

Vada Pinson (August 11, 1938-October 21, 1995)

Vada Edward Pinson, Jr. was an American center fielder and coach in Major League Baseball. He played in the major leagues for 18 years, from 1958 through 1975, and his greatest seasons were with the Cincinnati Reds, for whom he played from 1958 to 1968. Pinson, who batted and threw left-handed, was primarily a center fielder who combined power,... Wikipedia
Memphis, Tennessee
Oakland, California
Charley Pride

Charley Pride (March 18, 1938-)

Charley Frank Pride is an American country music singer, musician/guitarist, recording artist, performer, and business owner. His greatest musical success came in the early- to mid-1970s when he became the best-selling performer for RCA Records since Elvis Presley. In total, he has garnered 39 No. 1 hits on the 'Billboard' Hot Country Songs charts. Wikipedia
Sledge, Mississippi, US
Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed (February 13, 1938-May 2, 1999)

Robert Oliver Reed was an English actor known for his burly screen presence. Reed exemplified his real-life macho image in "tough guy" roles. His films include 'The Trap', 'Oliver!', 'Women in Love', 'Hannibal Brooks', 'The Devils', 'The Three Musketeers', 'Tommy', 'Castaway', 'Lion of the Desert' and 'Gladiator'. At the peak of his career, in... Wikipedia
Wimbledon, London, England
Valletta, Malta
Waheeda Rehman

Waheeda Rehman (February 3, 1938-)

Waheeda Rehman is an Indian actress who has appeared in mainly Hindi films, as well as Tamil and Telugu films. She is noted for her contributions to different genres of films from the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s. She has received a Centenary Award for Indian Film Personality, a Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, a National Film Award for Best... Wikipedia
Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India
Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg (July 20, 1938-)

Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg, DBE is an English actress. She is known for the role of Emma Peel in the TV series 'The Avengers', which she appeared in from 1965 to 1968. She has also had an extensive career in the theatre, including playing the title role in 'Medea', both in London and New York. For this role, she won the 1994 Tony Award for Best... Wikipedia
Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson (November 24, 1938-)

Oscar Palmer Robertson, nicknamed "'The Big O'", is an American former National Basketball Association player who played for the Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks. The, Robertson played the shooting guard/point guard position, and was a twelve-time All-Star, eleven-time member of the All-NBA Team, and one-time winner of the MVP award in... Wikipedia
Charlotte, Tennessee

Rockin' Sidney (April 9, 1938-February 25, 1998)

Sidney Simien aka Rockin' Sidney and Count Rockin' Sidney was an American R&B, zydeco, and soul musician who began recording in the late 1950s and continued performing until his death. Wikipedia
Lebeau, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, United States
Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers (August 21, 1938-)

Kenneth Donald "Kenny" Rogers is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Wikipedia
Houston, Texas, United States
Jim Rooney (music)

Jim Rooney (music) (January 28, 1938-)

Jim Rooney is an American music producer whose credits include Nanci Griffith's 'Other Voices, Other Rooms', Hal Ketchum's 'Past the Point of Rescue', Iris DeMent's 'Infamous Angel', John Prine's 'Aimless Love' and many other widely hailed albums. In recognition for his contribution to Americana music, Rooney received a lifetime achievement award... Wikipedia
Dick Rutan

Dick Rutan (July 1, 1938-)

Richard Glenn "Dick" Rutan is an aviator who piloted the Voyager aircraft around the world non-stop with co-pilot Jeana Yeager. He was born in Loma Linda, California, where he gained an interest in flight at a young age. Wikipedia
Loma Linda, California
Manoochehr Sadeghi

Manoochehr Sadeghi (April 13, 1938-)

Manoochehr Sadeghi is Persian American naturalized citizen, born in Tehran, Iran. He is considered a Grandmaster or Ostad of the santur a Persian hammered dulcimer. Recipient of the 2003 National Heritage Fellowship Award by the Library of Congress and in 2002 Durfee Foundation: Recipient of the Master Musician Award. He has been lecturing,... Wikipedia
Tehran, Iran

Sai Paranjpye (March 19, 1938-)

Sai Parānjpye is a movie director and a screenwriter in India. She is the director of award-winning movies 'Sparsh', 'Katha', 'Chasme Buddoor', and 'Disha'. Wikipedia
Romy Schneider

Romy Schneider (September 23, 1938-May 29, 1982)

Romy Schneider was an Austrian-born film actress who held German and French citizenship. She started her career in the German ' genre in the early 1950s when she was 15. From 1955 to 1957 she played the central character of Empress Elisabeth of Austria in the Austrian 'Sissi' trilogy. In 1958 she met Alain Delon and they became engaged; Schneider... Wikipedia
Vienna, Austria
Paris, France

Michael Schultz (November 10, 1938-)

Michael Schultz is an American director and producer of film and television. Wikipedia
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Ernie Sigley (September 2, 1938-)

Ernest William "Ernie" Sigley is an Gold Logie winning Australian television host, radio presenter and singer. Sigley is often styled as a "little Aussie battler" with a larrikin sense of humour. Wikipedia
Footscray, Victoria
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (October 29, 1938-)

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the 24th and current President of Liberia. She served as Minister of Finance under President William Tolbert from 1979 until the 1980 coup d'état, after which she left Liberia and held senior positions at various financial institutions. She placed second in the 1997 presidential election won by Charles Taylor. She won the... Wikipedia
Monrovia, Liberia
Solomon H. Snyder

Solomon H. Snyder (December 26, 1938-)

Solomon H. Snyder is an American neuroscientist from Washington D.C., who spent most of his time researching addiction and its effects on the brain. He studied at Georgetown University, and conducted the majority of his research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Many advances in molecular neuroscience have stemmed from Dr. Snyder's... Wikipedia
Washington, D.C.
Edwin Southern

Edwin Southern (June 7, 1938-)

Sir Edwin Mellor Southern, FRS is an English Lasker Award-winning molecular biologist, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford and a fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. He is most widely known for the invention of the Southern blot, now a common laboratory procedure. Wikipedia
United Kingdom
Terence Stamp

Terence Stamp (July 22, 1938-)

Terence Henry Stamp is an English actor. Since starting his acting career in 1962, he has appeared in over 60 films. His performance in the title role of 'Billy Budd', his film debut, earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor and a BAFTA nomination for Best Newcomer. Wikipedia
Stepney, London, England, U.K.
Teresa Stratas

Teresa Stratas (May 26, 1938-)

Teresa Stratas, OC, is a retired Canadian operatic soprano of Greek descent. She is especially well known for her award-winning recording of Alban Berg's 'Lulu'. Wikipedia
Lubert Stryer

Lubert Stryer (March 2, 1938-)

Lubert Stryer is the Mrs. George A. Winzer Professor of Cell Biology, Emeritus, at the Stanford University School of Medicine. His research over more than four decades has been centered on the interplay of light and life. In 2007 he received the National Medal of Science from President Bush at a ceremony at the White House for elucidating the... Wikipedia
Tianjin, China
Ivan Sutherland

Ivan Sutherland (May 16, 1938-)

Ivan Edward Sutherland is an American computer scientist and Internet pioneer. His early work in computer graphics as well as his teaching with David C. Evans in that subject at the University of Utah in the 1970's was pioneering in the field. Sutherland, Evans, and his students from that era invented several foundations of modern computer... Wikipedia
Hastings, Nebraska
Jinzaburo Takagi

Jinzaburo Takagi (July 18, 1938-October 8, 2000)

Jinzaburo Takagi was a Japanese assistant professor in nuclear chemistry. He wrote several books on environment protection, and on the threat of nuclear waste. He was given the 'Yoko Tada Human Rights Award' in 1992, and the 'Ihatobe Award' in 1994. He was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 1997, jointly with Mycle Schneider. Wikipedia
Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Yuri Temirkanov

Yuri Temirkanov (December 10, 1938-)

Yuri Khatuevich Temirkanov is a Russian conductor of Circassian origin. Wikipedia

Joan Tower (September 6, 1938-)

Joan Tower is a Grammy-winning contemporary American composer, concert pianist and conductor. Lauded by the New Yorker as "one of the most successful woman composers of all time", her bold and energetic compositions have been performed in concert halls around the world. After gaining recognition for her first orchestral composition, 'Sequoia', a... Wikipedia
New Rochelle, New York

John Tribe (June 10, 1938-)

John Tribe is an English illustrator and graphic designer best known for his work for the British television broadcaster London Weekend Television, which presently forms part of the ITV network. In 1985, he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Graphic and Title Design for his work on the ten part television series: 'Agatha Christie's... Wikipedia
Ted Turner

Ted Turner (November 19, 1938-)

Robert Edward "Ted" Turner III is an American media mogul and philanthropist. As a businessman, he is known as founder of the Cable News Network more popularly known as CNN, the first 24-hour cable news channel. In addition, he founded WTBS, which pioneered the superstation concept in cable television. Wikipedia
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Liv Ullmann

Liv Ullmann (December 16, 1938-)

Liv Johanne Ullmann is a Norwegian actress and film director. She is known as one of the "muses" of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Wikipedia
Tokyo, Japan
Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven (July 18, 1938-)

Paul Verhoeven is a Dutch film director, screenwriter, and producer who has made movies in the Netherlands and the United States. Wikipedia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Martinho da Vila

Martinho da Vila (February 12, 1938-)

Martinho da Vila is a Brazilian samba musician. Wikipedia
Jon Voight

Jon Voight (December 29, 1938-)

Jonathan Vincent "Jon" Voight is an American actor. He has won one Academy Award, out of four nominations, and four Golden Globe Awards, out of ten nominations. He is the father of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James Haven. Wikipedia
Yonkers, New York, United States
Klaus Voormann

Klaus Voormann (April 29, 1938-)

Klaus Voormann is a German artist, musician, and record producer. He designed artwork for many bands including the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Wet Wet Wet and Turbonegro. His most notable work as a producer was his work with the band Trio, including their worldwide hit "Da Da Da". As a musician, Voormann is best known for being the bassist for Manfred... Wikipedia
Berlin, Germany

Barbara Wagner (May 5, 1938-)

Barbara Aileen Wagner is a Canadian former pair skater. She teamed up with Robert Paul in 1952. They became the 1960 Olympic champions, four-time World champions, and five-time Canadian national champions. After retiring from competition, the pair toured with Ice Capades. Wikipedia
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mike Walsh (TV host) (March 5, 1938-)

Michael Hayden "Mike" Walsh, OBE is an Australian former television presenter. He was the host of 'The Mike Walsh Show' from 1973 until 1985. Walsh is the only entertainer to be awarded the Sammy Award and Gold Logie award in the same year. The program was renowned for introducing fellow Gold Logie winning personality Jeannie Little. Wikipedia
Corowa, New South Wales, Australia
Jerry West

Jerry West (May 28, 1938-)

Jerry Alan West is a retired American basketball player who played his entire professional career for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. His nicknames include "Mr. Clutch", for his ability to make a big play in a clutch situation, such as his famous buzzer-beating 60-foot shot that tied Game 3 of the 1970 NBA Finals... Wikipedia
Chelyan, West Virginia
Michael Westmore

Michael Westmore (March 22, 1938-)

Michael George Westmore I is an American make-up artist best known for his work in various 'Star Trek' productions, winning nine Emmy Awards, and is a member of the Westmore family. He won the Academy Award for Make-up in 1985 for his work on the film 'Mask'. His career began at Universal Studios in 1961, and spanned four decades, including working... Wikipedia
Los Angeles, California
Bill Withers

Bill Withers (July 4, 1938-)

William Harrison "Bill" Withers, Jr. is an American singer-songwriter and musician who performed and recorded from 1970 until 1985. He recorded a number of major hits, including "Lean on Me", "Ain't No Sunshine", "Use Me", "Just the Two of Us", "Lovely Day", and "Grandma's Hands". Wikipedia
Slab Fork, West Virginia, U.S.
Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan (August 3, 1938-)

Sir Michael Terence "Terry" Wogan is an Irish radio and television broadcaster who has worked for the BBC in the United Kingdom for most of his career. Before he retired from his weekday breakfast programme 'Wake Up to Wogan' on BBC Radio 2 in 2009, it had eight million regular listeners, making him the most listened-to radio broadcaster in Europe.... Wikipedia
Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland
Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood (July 20, 1938-November 29, 1981)

Natalie Wood was an American film and television actress best known for her screen roles in 'Miracle on 34th Street', 'Splendor in the Grass', 'Rebel Without a Cause', and 'West Side Story'. After first working in films as a child, Wood became a successful Hollywood star as a young adult, receiving three Academy Award nominations before she was 25... Wikipedia
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Santa Catalina Island, California, U.S.
Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods (January 9, 1938-)

Stuart Woods is an American novelist. Wikipedia
Manchester, Georgia
Kurt Wüthrich

Kurt Wüthrich (October 4, 1938-)

Kurt Wüthrich is a Swiss chemist/biophysicist and Nobel Chemistry laureate, known for developing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance methods for studying biological macromolecules. Wikipedia
Aarberg, Switzerland
LeeRoy Yarbrough

LeeRoy Yarbrough (September 17, 1938-December 7, 1984)

Lonnie "LeeRoy" Yarbrough was a NASCAR racer. His best season was 1969 when he won seven races, tallied 21 finishes in the top-ten and earned $193,211. During his entire career from 1960–1972, he competed in 198 races, scoring fourteen wins, 65 finishes in the top-five, 92 finishes in the top-ten, and ten pole positions. His racing number was 98.... Wikipedia
Jacksonville, Florida

Shama Zaidi (September 25, 1938-)

Shama Zaidi is an Indian screenplay writer, costume designer, art director, theatre person, art critic, and documentary film maker. Wikipedia
Slava Zaitsev

Slava Zaitsev (March 2, 1938-)

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev, more commonly known as Slava Zaitsev, born 2 March 1938 in Ivanovo, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, is a Russian fashion designer, painter, graphic artist and theatrical costume designer. Wikipedia
Ivanovo, RSFSR

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