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Celebrity Birthdays In 1904

Sergio Amidei

Sergio Amidei (October 30, 1904-April 14, 1981)

Sergio Amidei was an Italian screenwriter and an important figure in Italy's neorealist movement. Wikipedia
Trieste, Italy
Rome, Italy
William Joscelyn Arkell

William Joscelyn Arkell (June 9, 1904-April 18, 1958)

William Joscelyn Arkell MA, D Phil, D Sc, FGS, FRS was a British geologist and palaeontologist, regarded as the leading authority on the Jurassic Period during the middle part of the 20th century. Wikipedia
Highworth, Wiltshire
Boris Babochkin

Boris Babochkin (January 18, 1904-July 17, 1975)

Boris Andreyevich Babochkin was a well-known Soviet film and theatre actor and director. Boris Babochkin was one of the first internationally recognized stars of the Soviet-Russian cinema. He rose to fame with the title role in the classic film 'Chapaev' and later, in the 1950s, he played a sharp anti-communist character on stage in Moscow, for... Wikipedia
Saratov, Russia
Leningrad, Russia, USSR
Count Basie

Count Basie (August 21, 1904-April 26, 1984)

William James "Count" Basie was an American jazz pianist, organist, bandleader, and composer. His mother taught him to play the piano and he started performing in his teens. Dropping out of school, he learned to operate lights for vaudeville and to improvise accompaniment for silent films at a local movie theater in his home town of Red Bank, New... Wikipedia
Red Bank, New Jersey, U.S.
Hollywood, Florida, U.S.
Cecil Beaton

Cecil Beaton (January 4, 1904-January 18, 1980)

Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton CBE was an English fashion, portrait and war photographer, diarist, painter, interior designer and an Academy Award–winning stage and costume designer for films and the theatre. He was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1970. Wikipedia
Hampstead, London
Reddish House, Wiltshire
Ralph Bellamy

Ralph Bellamy (June 17, 1904-November 29, 1991)

Ralph Rexford Bellamy was an American actor whose career spanned 62 years on stage, screen and television. During his career, he played leading roles as well as supporting roles, garnering acclaim and awards. Wikipedia
Chicago Illinois, United States
Santa Monica, California, United States
Ray Bolger

Ray Bolger (January 10, 1904-January 15, 1987)

Raymond "Ray" Wallace Bolger was an American entertainer of vaudeville, stage and actor, singer and dancer best known for his portrayal of the Scarecrow in 'The Wizard of Oz'. Wikipedia
Dorchester, Massachusetts, U.S.
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Alejo Carpentier

Alejo Carpentier (December 26, 1904-April 24, 1980)

Alejo Carpentier y Valmont was a Cuban novelist, essayist, and musicologist who greatly influenced Latin American literature during its famous "boom" period. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, Carpentier grew up in Havana, Cuba, and despite his European birthplace, he strongly self-identified as Cuban throughout his life. He traveled extensively,... Wikipedia
Lausanne, Switzerland
Paris, France
Pavel Cherenkov

Pavel Cherenkov (July 15, 1904-January 6, 1990)

Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov was a Soviet physicist who shared the Nobel Prize in physics in 1958 with Ilya Frank and Igor Tamm for the discovery of Cherenkov radiation, made in 1934. Wikipedia
Voronezh Oblast, Russian Empire
Moscow, Russia
Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford (March 23, 1904-May 10, 1977)

Joan Crawford was an American film and television actress who started as a dancer and stage chorine. Wikipedia
San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
New York City, New York, U.S.
Ève Curie

Ève Curie (December 6, 1904-October 22, 2007)

Ève Denise Curie Labouisse was a French and American writer, journalist and pianist. Ève Curie was the youngest daughter of Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie. Her sister was Irène Joliot-Curie and her brother-in-law Frédéric Joliot-Curie. Ève was the only member of her family who did not choose a career as a scientist and did not win a Nobel... Wikipedia
Paris, France
New York City, NY, U.S.

George Dangerfield (October 28, 1904-December 27, 1986)

George Bubb Dangerfield was an English-American journalist, historian, and the literary editor of 'Vanity Fair' from 1933 to 1935. He is known primarily for his book 'The Strange Death of Liberal England', a classic study of the rapid decline of the Liberal Party in the United Kingdom in the years before World War I. Wikipedia
Newbury, Berkshire, England, UK
Santa Barbara, California, U.S.
Cecil Day-Lewis

Cecil Day-Lewis (April 27, 1904-May 22, 1972)

Cecil Day-Lewis, CBE was a British poet and the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1968 until his death in 1972. He also wrote mystery stories under the pseudonym of Nicholas Blake. He is the father of actor Daniel Day-Lewis and documentary filmmaker and television chef Tamasin Day-Lewis. Wikipedia
Ballintubbert, Queen's County, Ireland
Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire, England
Charles R. Drew

Charles R. Drew (June 3, 1904-April 1, 1950)

Charles Richard Drew was an American physician, surgeon, and medical researcher. He researched in the field of blood transfusions, developing improved techniques for blood storage, and applied his expert knowledge to developing large-scale blood banks early in World War II. This allowed medics to save thousands of lives of the Allied forces. The... Wikipedia
Washington, D.C., USA
Burlington, North Carolina, USA
Alexey Dushkin

Alexey Dushkin (December 24, 1904-October 8, 1977)

Alexey Nikolayevich Dushkin was a Soviet architect, best known for his 1930s designs of Kropotkinskaya and Mayakovskaya stations of Moscow Metro. He worked primarily for subway and railroads and is also noted for his Red Gates administrative building, one of Seven Sisters. Wikipedia
Alexandrovka, Kharkiv Region
Richard Eberhart

Richard Eberhart (April 5, 1904-June 9, 2005)

Richard Ghormley Eberhart was an American poet who published more than a dozen books of poetry and approximately twenty works in total. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for 'Selected Poems, 1930–1965' and the 1977 National Book Award for Poetry for 'Collected Poems, 1930–1976'. He is the grandfather of Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington. Wikipedia
Austin, Minnesota, USA
Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

Viktor Eisymont (December 20, 1904-January 31, 1964)

Viktor Vladislavovich Eisymont was a Soviet film director. He was a three-time recipient of the Stalin Prize, in 1942, 1947, and 1951. Wikipedia
Hrodna, Russian Empire (now Belarus)
Moscow, Soviet Union (now Russia)

Raul–Yuri Georgievich Ervier (April 16, 1904-August 9, 1991)

Raul–Yuri Georgievich Ervier was a Soviet geologist and director of the main Tyumen production geological department. He was head of wide-ranging geological explorations that discovered of the largest oil and gas fields in Western Siberia. Wikipedia
Tiflis, Georgia
Moscow, Russia
Clifton Fadiman

Clifton Fadiman (May 15, 1904-June 20, 1999)

Clifton Paul "Kip" Fadiman was an American intellectual, author, editor, radio and television personality. Wikipedia
New York City
Sanibel, Florida

John Farrow (February 10, 1904-January 27, 1963)

John Villiers Farrow, CBE KGCHS was an Australian-born American film director, producer and screenwriter. In 1957, he won the Academy Award for Best Writing/Best Screenplay for 'Around the World in Eighty Days' and in 1942 he was nominated as Best Director for 'Wake Island'. Wikipedia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Beverly Hills, California
Werner Forssmann

Werner Forssmann (August 29, 1904-June 1, 1979)

Werner Theodor Otto Forßmann was a physician from Germany who shared the 1956 Nobel Prize in Medicine for developing a procedure that allowed for cardiac catheterization. In 1929, he put himself under local anesthetic and inserted a catheter into a vein of his arm. Not knowing when the catheter might pierce a vein, he risked his life and was able... Wikipedia
Schopfheim, West Germany
Jean Gabin

Jean Gabin (May 17, 1904-November 15, 1976)

Jean Gabin was a French actor and sometime singer. Considered a key figure in French cinema, he starred in several classic films including 'Pépé le Moko', 'La grande illusion', 'Le Quai des brumes', 'La bête humaine', 'Le jour se lève', and 'Le plaisir'. Gabin was made a member of the Légion d'honneur, due to the important role he played in French... Wikipedia
Paris, France
Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Greer Garson

Greer Garson (September 29, 1904-April 6, 1996)

Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson Fogelson, CBE, was an English-American actress who was very popular during World War II, being listed by the 'Motion Picture Herald' as one of America's top ten box office draws from 1942 to 1946. As one of MGM's major stars during the 1940s, Garson received seven Academy Award nominations, including a record five... Wikipedia
Manor Park, Essex, England, UK
Dallas, Texas, U.S.
John Gielgud

John Gielgud (April 14, 1904-May 21, 2000)

Sir Arthur John Gielgud, OM, CH, was an English actor and theatre director whose career spanned eight decades. With Ralph Richardson and Laurence Olivier, he was one of the trinity of actors who dominated the British stage for much of the 20th century. A member of the Terry family theatrical dynasty, he gained his first paid acting work as a junior... Wikipedia
South Kensington, London, England
Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire, England
Witold Gombrowicz

Witold Gombrowicz (August 4, 1904-July 24, 1969)

Witold Marian Gombrowicz was a Polish writer. His works are characterised by deep psychological analysis, a certain sense of paradox and absurd, anti-nationalist flavor. In 1937 he published his first novel, 'Ferdydurke', which presented many of his usual themes: the problems of immaturity and youth, the creation of identity in interactions with... Wikipedia
Małoszyce, Congress Poland
Vence, France
Cary Grant

Cary Grant (January 18, 1904-November 29, 1986)

Cary Grant was an English stage and Hollywood film actor who became an American citizen in 1942. Known for his transatlantic accent, debonair demeanor, and "dashing good looks", Grant is considered one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men. Wikipedia
Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Davenport, Iowa, United States
Graham Greene

Graham Greene (October 2, 1904-April 3, 1991)

Henry Graham Greene, OM, CH was an English novelist and author regarded as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Combining literary acclaim with widespread popularity, Greene had acquired a reputation early in his own lifetime as a great writer, both of serious Catholic novels and of thrillers; however, even though shortlisted in 1967,... Wikipedia
Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Vevey, Switzerland

Brett Halliday (July 31, 1904-February 4, 1977)

Brett Halliday, primary pen name of Davis Dresser, was an American mystery writer, best known for the long-lived series of 'Michael Shayne' novels he wrote, and later commissioned others to write. Dresser wrote non-series mysteries, westerns and romances under the names Asa Baker, Matthew Blood, Kathryn Culver, Don Davis, Hal Debrett, Anthony... Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Santa Barbara, California, United States
Moss Hart

Moss Hart (October 24, 1904-December 20, 1961)

Moss Hart was an American playwright and theatre director. Wikipedia
New York City, New York, U.S.
Palm Springs, California, U.S.
Gerhard Herzberg

Gerhard Herzberg (December 25, 1904-March 3, 1999)

Gerhard Heinrich Friedrich Otto Julius Herzberg was a German-Canadian pioneering physicist and physical chemist, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1971, "for his contributions to the knowledge of electronic structure and geometry of molecules, particularly free radicals". Herzberg's main work concerned atomic and molecular spectroscopy. He... Wikipedia
Hamburg, Germany
Ottawa, Ontario
John Hicks

John Hicks (April 8, 1904-May 20, 1989)

Sir John Richard Hicks was a British economist and one of the most important and influential economists of the twentieth century. The most familiar of his many contributions in the field of economics were his statement of consumer demand theory in microeconomics, and the IS/LM model, which summarised a Keynesian view of macroeconomics. His book... Wikipedia
New York

Ernest Hilgard (July 25, 1904-October 22, 2001)

Ernest Ropiequet "Jack" Hilgard was an American psychologist and professor at Stanford University. He became famous in the 1950s for his research on hypnosis, especially with regard to pain control. Along with André Muller Weitzenhoffer, Hilgard developed the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scales. A 'Review of General Psychology' survey,... Wikipedia
Belleville, Illinois
Palo Alto, California

John Cecil Holm (November 4, 1904-October 24, 1981)

John Cecil Holm was an American dramatist, theatre director and actor. He is best known for his 1935 play 'Three Men on a Horse', co-written with George Abbott. Wikipedia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Westerly, Rhode Island, USA

Dorothy B. Hughes (August 10, 1904-May 6, 1993)

Dorothy B. Hughes was an American crime writer and literary critic. Hughes wrote fourteen crime and detective novels, primarily in the hardboiled and noir styles, and is best known for the novels 'In a Lonely Place' and 'Ride the Pink Horse'. Wikipedia
MacKinlay Kantor

MacKinlay Kantor (February 4, 1904-October 11, 1977)

MacKinlay Kantor, born Benjamin McKinlay Kantor, was an American journalist, novelist and screenwriter. He wrote more than 30 novels, several set during the American Civil War, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1956 for his 1955 novel, Andersonville. He also wrote 'Gettysburg', set during the Civil War. Wikipedia
Webster City, Iowa, United States
Sarasota, Florida, United States

Maude Kegg (August 26, 1904-January 6, 1996)

Maude Kegg was an Ojibwa writer, folk artist, and cultural interpreter. She was a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, located in east-central Minnesota. Wikipedia
Crow Wing County, Minnesota, United States
Minnesota, United States
George F. Kennan

George F. Kennan (February 16, 1904-March 17, 2005)

George Frost Kennan was an American diplomat and historian. He was known best as an advocate of a policy of containment of Soviet expansion during the Cold War on which he later reversed himself. He lectured widely and wrote scholarly histories of the relations between USSR and the United States. He was also one of the group of foreign policy... Wikipedia
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Princeton, New Jersey
Yulii Borisovich Khariton

Yulii Borisovich Khariton (February 27, 1904-December 18, 1996)

Yulii Borisovich Khariton was a Soviet physicist working in the field of nuclear power. He was the chief designer of the Soviet atomic bomb, and worked in the Soviet nuclear program for many years. Wikipedia
Saint Petersburg
Ralph Kronig

Ralph Kronig (March 10, 1904-November 16, 1995)

Ralph Kronig was a German physicist. He is noted for the discovery of particle spin and for his theory of x-ray absorption spectroscopy. His theories include the Kronig–Penney model, the Coster–Kronig transition and the Kramers–Kronig relation. Wikipedia
Dresden, Germany
Zeist, Netherlands
Catherine Lacey

Catherine Lacey (May 6, 1904-September 23, 1979)

Catherine Lacey was an English actress of stage and screen. Wikipedia
London, England
London, England
A. J. Liebling

A. J. Liebling (October 18, 1904-December 28, 1963)

Abbott Joseph "A. J." Liebling was an American journalist who was closely associated with 'The New Yorker' from 1935 until his death. Wikipedia
New York, New York
New York City
Norah Lofts

Norah Lofts (<a href="/born/year/1904" title="Celebrities Born in 1904">1904</a>-1983)

Norah Lofts, 'née' Norah Ethel Robinson was a 20th-century best-selling British author. She wrote more than fifty books specialising in historical fiction, but she also wrote non-fiction and short stories. Many of her novels, including her Suffolk Trilogy, follow the history of specific houses and their residents over several generations. Wikipedia
Seán MacBride

Seán MacBride (January 26, 1904-January 15, 1988)

Seán MacBride was an Irish government minister, a prominent international politician and a former Chief of Staff of the IRA. Wikipedia
Paris, France
Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Roberto Marinho (December 3, 1904-August 6, 2003)

Roberto Pisani Marinho was a publisher and businessman who expanded into radio and television, creating a large, successful media conglomerate known as Organizações Globo. He founded and was the president of the Brazilian TV channel, Globo, a television network that now has 113 stations and associates. Wikipedia
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
Harry Martinson

Harry Martinson (May 6, 1904-February 11, 1978)

Harry Martinson was a Swedish author, poet and former sailor. In 1949 he was elected into the Swedish Academy. He was awarded a joint Nobel Prize in Literature in 1974 together with fellow Swede Eyvind Johnson "for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos". The choice was controversial, as both Martinson and Johnson were members of... Wikipedia
Jämshög, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Ernst Mayr

Ernst Mayr (July 5, 1904-February 3, 2005)

Ernst Walter Mayr was one of the 20th century's leading evolutionary biologists. He was also a renowned taxonomist, tropical explorer, ornithologist, and historian of science. His work contributed to the conceptual revolution that led to the modern evolutionary synthesis of Mendelian genetics, systematics, and Darwinian evolution, and to the... Wikipedia
Kempten, Germany
Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller (March 1, 1904-December 15, 1944)

Alton Glenn Miller was an American big band musician, arranger, composer, and bandleader in the swing era. He was the best-selling recording artist from 1939 to 1943, leading one of the best known big bands. Miller's notable recordings include "In the Mood", "Moonlight Serenade", "Pennsylvania 6-5000", "Chattanooga Choo Choo", "A String of Pearls",... Wikipedia
Clarinda, Iowa, U.S
English Channel (assumed)
Nathan Milstein

Nathan Milstein (<a href="/born/year/1904" title="Celebrities Born in 1904">1904</a>-1992)

Nathan Mironovich Milstein was a Russian Empire-born American virtuoso violinist. Wikipedia
Odessa, Russian Empire
London, England
Ivor Montagu

Ivor Montagu (April 23, 1904-November 5, 1984)

The Honorable Ivor Goldsmid Samuel Montagu was an English filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, film critic, writer, table tennis player, and Soviet spy during World War II. He helped to develop a lively intellectual film culture in Britain during the interwar years, and was also the founder of the International Table Tennis Federation. Wikipedia
Kengsington, London, England
Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Louis Néel

Louis Néel (November 22, 1904-November 17, 2000)

Louis Eugène Félix Néel ForMemRS was a French physicist born in Lyon. He studied at the Lycée du Parc in Lyon and was accepted at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. He obtained the degree of Doctor of Science at the University of Strasbourg. He was corecipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1970 for his pioneering studies of the magnetic... Wikipedia
Lyon, France
Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda (July 12, 1904-September 23, 1973)

Pablo Neruda was the pen name and, later, legal name of the Chilean poet-diplomat and politician Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto. He derived his pen name from the Czech poet Jan Neruda. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. Wikipedia
Parral, Chile
Santiago, Chile

Noboru Niida (<a href="/born/year/1904" title="Celebrities Born in 1904">1904</a>-1966)

Noboru Niida was a Japanese academic, historian of Chinese legal history and Professor Emeritus of Oriental Laws at the University of Tokyo. Wikipedia

Charles Oatley (February 14, 1904-March 11, 1996)

Sir Charles William Oatley OBE, FRS FREng was Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Cambridge, 1960–1971, and developer of one of the first commercial scanning electron microscopes. He was also a founder member of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Wikipedia
Frome, Somerset, England

S. J. Perelman (February 1, 1904-October 17, 1979)

Sidney Joseph Perelman, known as S. J. Perelman, was an American humorist, author, and screenwriter. He is best known for his humorous short pieces written over many years for 'The New Yorker'. He also wrote for several other magazines, including 'Judge', as well as books, scripts, and screenplays. Perelman received an Academy Award for... Wikipedia
Brooklyn, United States
New York City, United States
H. Beam Piper

H. Beam Piper (March 23, 1904-November 4, 1964)

Henry Beam Piper was an American science fiction author. He wrote many short stories and several novels. He is best known for his extensive Terro-Human Future History series of stories and a shorter series of "Paratime" alternate history tales. Wikipedia
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, U.S.
William Primrose

William Primrose (August 23, 1904-May 1, 1982)

William Primrose CBE was a Scottish violist and teacher. Wikipedia
Provo, Utah

Brinley Richards (April 13, 1904-September 18, 1981)

Brinley Richards was a Welsh language poet and author, who was Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod of Wales from 1972 to 1975. Wikipedia
Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss (March 2, 1904-September 24, 1991)

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer and cartoonist. He was most widely known for his children's books, which he wrote and illustrated under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss. He had used the pen name Dr. Theophrastus Seuss in college and later used Theo LeSieg and Rosetta Stone. Wikipedia
Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.
San Diego, California, U.S.
James Augustine Shannon

James Augustine Shannon (August 9, 1904-May 20, 1994)

James A. Shannon was an American nephrologist who served as director of National Institutes of Health from 1955-1968. In 1962 he was awarded the Public Welfare Medal from the National Academy of Sciences. A collection of his papers is held at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland. Wikipedia
William L. Shirer

William L. Shirer (February 23, 1904-December 28, 1993)

William Lawrence Shirer was an American journalist, war correspondent, and historian, who wrote 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich', a history of Nazi Germany that has been read by many and cited in scholarly works for more than 50 years. Originally a foreign correspondent for the 'Chicago Tribune' and the International News Service, Shirer was... Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
B. F. Skinner

B. F. Skinner (March 20, 1904-August 18, 1990)

Burrhus Frederic Skinner, commonly known as B. F. Skinner, was an American psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor, and social philosopher. He was the Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University from 1958 until his retirement in 1974. Wikipedia
Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ragnvald Skrede (April 24, 1904-August 16, 1983)

Ragnvald Skrede was a Norwegian author, journalist, literature critic and translator. Wikipedia

Umberto Spadaro (November 8, 1904-October 12, 1981)

Umberto Spadaro was an Italian film actor. Wikipedia
Ancona, Italy
Rome, Italy
Wendell Meredith Stanley

Wendell Meredith Stanley (August 16, 1904-June 15, 1971)

Wendell Meredith Stanley was an American biochemist, virologist and Nobel laureate. Wikipedia
Ridgeville, Indiana, USA
Salamanca, Spain
George Stevens

George Stevens (December 18, 1904-March 8, 1975)

George Stevens was an American film director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer. Wikipedia
Oakland, California, U.S.
Lancaster, California, U.S.
Leo Joseph Suenens

Leo Joseph Suenens (July 16, 1904-May 6, 1996)

Leo Jozef Suenens was a Belgian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussel from 1961 to 1979, and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1962. Wikipedia
Ixelles, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium

Margaret Tafoya (August 13, 1904-February 25, 2001)

Maria Margarita "Margaret" Tafoya was the matriarch of Santa Clara Pueblo potters. Margaret learned the art of making pottery from her parents Sara Fina Guiterrez Tafoya and Jose Geronimo Tafoya. Sara Fina was considered the leading potter of Santa Clara in her day, as the master of making exceptionally large, finely polished blackware. She also... Wikipedia
Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico, United States
Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico, United States
Nato Vachnadze

Nato Vachnadze (April 3, 1904-June 14, 1953)

Natalia "Nato" Vachnadze, born Natalia Andronikashvili was a Georgian film actress. She started her career in the silent film era, usually playing the screen character of an Ingénue, an innocent and passionate young woman. She continued to work as an actress during the sound era until her death in a plane crash in 1953. One of the first film stars... Wikipedia
Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire
Fats Waller

Fats Waller (May 21, 1904-December 15, 1943)

Thomas Wright "Fats" Waller was an American jazz pianist, organist, composer, singer, and comedic entertainer, whose innovations to the Harlem stride style laid the groundwork for modern jazz piano, and whose best-known compositions, "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Honeysuckle Rose", were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1984 and 1999. Wikipedia

Christine Goutiere Weston (August 31, 1904-1989)

Christine Goutiere Weston was an India-born American fiction writer. She was born in Unao, now in Uttar Pradesh, India, the daughter of a British indigo planter of French descent, who was also born in India. In 1923 she married American businessman Robert Weston, and moved with him to the United States, where she began a writing career. Wikipedia
Unao, United Provinces of India (now Uttar Pradesh, India)

Avoth Yeshurun (<a href="/born/year/1904" title="Celebrities Born in 1904">1904</a>-1992)

Avoth Yeshurun, also Avot Yeshurun, was the pen name of Yehiel Perlmutter, an acclaimed modern Hebrew poet. Wikipedia
Sergei Yutkevich

Sergei Yutkevich (December 28, 1904-April 24, 1985)

Sergei Iosifovich Yutkevich was a Soviet film director and screenwriter. Wikipedia
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Moscow, Soviet Union

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