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May 14 Birthdays

Archie Alexander

Archie Alexander (May 14, 1888-April 23, 1922)

Archie Alphonso Alexander was an African-American mathematician and engineer. He was an early African-American graduate of the University of Iowa and the first to graduate from the University of Iowa's College of Engineering. He was also a governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Wikipedia
Francesca Annis

Francesca Annis (May 14, 1945-)

Francesca Annis is an English actress. She is known for films such as 'Dune' and television series such as 'Reckless', 'Wives and Daughters', 'Cranford', and 'Deceit'. Wikipedia
Kensington, London, England

John Bennett (author) (May 14, 1865-December 28, 1956)

John Bennett wrote and illustrated children's books. He was born in Chillicothe, Ohio. He wrote 'The Pigtail of Ah Lee Ben Loo with Seventeen other Laughable Tales and 200 Comical Silhouettes', which was one runner-up for the Newbery Medal in 1929. Wikipedia
Chillicothe, Ohio, USA

Mark Berger (sound engineer) (May 14, 1943-)

Mark Berger is an American sound engineer. He has won four Academy Awards for Best Sound. He holds the Academy Award record for "perfect score" with 4 nominations and 4 wins. He has worked on more than 160 films since 1973. Wikipedia
San Francisco, California, United States
Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett (May 14, 1969-)

Catherine Élise "Cate" Blanchett is an Australian actress. She has received critical acclaim and many accolades, including two Academy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and three British Academy Awards. Blanchett has been awarded the Centenary Medal for Service to Australian Society by the Australian government.... Wikipedia
Melbourne, Australia
Mordechai Breuer

Mordechai Breuer (May 14, 1921-February 24, 2007)

Mordechai Breuer was a German-born Israeli Orthodox rabbi. He was one of the world's leading experts on Tanakh, and especially of the text of the Aleppo Codex. Wikipedia
Karlsruhe, Germany
Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel (May 14, 1959-)

Patrick Bruel is a French singer, actor, and professional poker player of Jewish descent. Wikipedia
Tlemcen, French Algeria
David Byrne

David Byrne (May 14, 1952-)

David Byrne is a Scottish-born American musician who was a founding member and principal songwriter of the American new wave band Talking Heads, active between 1975 and 1991. Wikipedia
Dumbarton, Scotland, UK

Terrance Cauthen (May 14, 1976-)

Terrance Davin Cauthen is an American boxer. Nicknamed "Heat", Cauthen won the Lightweight Bronze medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Wikipedia
Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane (May 14, 1953-)

Thomas William "Tom" Cochrane is a Canadian musician, best known for his hit songs "Life Is a Highway", "Lunatic Fringe", "Human Race", and "I Wish You Well". Cochrane fronted the Canadian rock band Red Rider and has won seven Juno Awards. He is a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, an Officer of the Order of Canada, has an Honorary... Wikipedia
Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola (May 14, 1971-)

Sofia Carmina Coppola is an American screenwriter, director, producer and actress. In 2003, she received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the comedy-drama 'Lost in Translation', and became the third woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director. In 2010, with the drama 'Somewhere', she became the first American... Wikipedia
New York City, New York, U.S.
Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin (May 14, 1936-December 20, 1973)

Bobby Darin was an American singer, songwriter, and actor of film and television. He performed in a range of music genres, including pop, rock'n'roll, folk, and country. Wikipedia
The Bronx, New York, United States
Los Angeles, United States
Lance Dossor

Lance Dossor (May 14, 1916-December 3, 2005)

Lance Dossor was a British-born concert pianist and teacher who emigrated to Australia. Wikipedia
Weston-super-Mare, England, United Kingdom
Adelaide, Australia
B. C. Forbes

B. C. Forbes (May 14, 1880-May 6, 1954)

Bertie Charles Forbes was a Scottish financial journalist and author who founded Forbes Magazine. Wikipedia
New Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
New York City, United States
Roy Halladay

Roy Halladay (May 14, 1977-)

Harry Leroy "Roy" Halladay III, nicknamed "Doc", is an American Major League Baseball starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. His nickname, coined by the late Toronto Blue Jays announcer Tom Cheek, is a reference to Wild West gunslinger "Doc" Holliday. Wikipedia
Denver, Colorado

Jim Howick (May 14, 1979-)

James "Jim" Howick, is a British actor. Howick is known for his roles in various British comedy series. Wikipedia

Jacky Ido (May 14, 1977-)

Jacky Ido is a Burkinabe-born French actor. His first role was as Lemalian in the 2005 German film, 'The White Masai'. He is best known to English-language audiences for his role as Marcel, the film projectionist in Quentin Tarantino's 2009 film, 'Inglourious Basterds'. Ido's brother Cedric Ido who is also an actor has directed him in the short... Wikipedia
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Bobo Lewis (May 14, 1926-November 6, 1998)

Barbara "Bobo" Lewis was an American comedic actress of film, musical theatre, stage and television. Wikipedia
Miami, Florida, U.S.
New York, New York, U.S.
Robert M. Lindner

Robert M. Lindner (May 14, 1914-February 27, 1956)

Robert M. Lindner was an American author and psychologist, best known as the author of the 1944 book 'Rebel Without A Cause: The Hypnoanalysis Of A Criminal Psychopath', from which the title of Nicholas Ray's 1955 film was adapted. In his book, he described a psychopath as someone who is "incapable of exertions for the sake of others". Lindner's... Wikipedia
Norman Luboff

Norman Luboff (May 14, 1917-September 22, 1987)

Norman Luboff was an American music arranger, music publisher, and choir director. Wikipedia
George Lucas

George Lucas (May 14, 1944-)

George Walton Lucas, Jr. is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. He is best known as the creator of the 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' franchises. Lucas founded Lucasfilm and led the company as chairman and chief executive before selling it to The Walt Disney Company in 2012. Wikipedia
Modesto, California, USA

Brian Macdonald (choreographer) (May 14, 1928-November 29, 2014)

Brian Ronald Macdonald was a Canadian dancer, choreographer and director of opera, theatre and musical theatre. Wikipedia
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Stratford, Ontario

Martine McCutcheon (May 14, 1976-)

Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting, usually known as Martine McCutcheon, is an English singer, television personality, actress and occasional radio presenter. McCutcheon had minor success as one third of the pop group Milan in the early 1990s, but it was her role as Tiffany Mitchell in the BBC's 'EastEnders' that made her a household name in the UK.... Wikipedia
Hackney, East London, England

Victor Miller (writer) (May 14, 1940-)

Victor Miller or Victor B. Miller is an American writer for film and television. Perhaps his best known and most acknowledged work is his script for the first 'Friday the 13th' film, the popularity of which spawned a long series of sequels, none of which has his involvement, though he remains credited for creating the characters of Jason Voorhees... Wikipedia
New Orleans, Louisiana

Michael Minkler (May 14, 1952-)

Michael Minkler is a Motion Picture Sound Re-Recording Mixer. He has received Academy Awards for his work on 'Dreamgirls', 'Chicago' and 'Black Hawk Down'. His varied career has also included films like 'Inglourious Basterds', 'JFK' and 'Star Wars', as well television programs like 'The Pacific' and 'John Adams'. Minkler works at Todd-AO Hollywood. Wikipedia
Los Angeles, CA
Johnny Moss

Johnny Moss (May 14, 1907-December 16, 1995)

Johnny Moss was a gambler and professional poker player. He was the first winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event, at the time a cash game event in which he was awarded the title by the vote of his peers in 1970, He also twice won the current tournament format of the WSOP Main Event in 1971 and 1974. He was one of the charter inductees into... Wikipedia
Marshall, Texas

Richard Peto (May 14, 1943-)

Sir Richard Peto FRS is Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, England. Wikipedia
United Kingdom

Olivier Rolin (May 14, 1947-)

Olivier Rolin is a French writer. Wikipedia
Tim Roth

Tim Roth (May 14, 1961-)

Timothy "Tim" Simon Roth is an English actor and director. Wikipedia
London, England

George Selden (author) (May 14, 1929-December 5, 1989)

George Selden Thompson was an American author, who wrote under the pseudonym Terry Andrews. He is best known for his 1961 book 'The Cricket in Times Square', which received a Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1963 and a Newbery Honor. Wikipedia
Hartford, Connecticut, USA
St. Vincent's Hospital, Greenwich Village, New York City, New York, USA

Jock Sturrock (May 14, 1915-July 11, 1997)

Alexander Stuart "Jock" Sturrock MBE was a noted Australian yachtsman who won over four hundred national and state championship yachting races. Wikipedia
Nikolai Tikhonov

Nikolai Tikhonov (May 14, 1905-June 1, 1997)

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Tikhonov was a Soviet Russian-Ukrainian statesman during the Cold War. He served as Chairman of the Council of Ministers from 1980 to 1985, and as a First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, literally First Vice Premier, from 1976 to 1980. Tikhonov was responsible for the cultural and economic administration of the... Wikipedia
Kharkiv, Kharkov Governorate, Russian Empire
Moscow, Russia
Göran Tunström

Göran Tunström (May 14, 1937-February 5, 2000)

Göran Tunström was a Swedish author. He grew up in Sunne, Värmland County. Tunström's style is personal and intimate, and has a clear autobiographical tone. Although active as an established author for nearly four decades, it was particularly after his 'The Christmas Oratorio' was adapted as a movie in 1996 that he became widely known to the... Wikipedia
Anne Wiazemsky

Anne Wiazemsky (May 14, 1947-)

Anne Wiazemsky is a French actress and novelist of the Russian Rurikid family of Princes Vyazemsky-Counts Levashov. Through her mother, she is the granddaughter of François Mauriac. She appeared in Robert Bresson's 'Au Hasard Balthazar' and in Godard's films 'La Chinoise' and 'Week End'. She was married to Jean-Luc Godard from 1967 to 1979; they... Wikipedia
Berlin, Germany
Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis (May 14, 1952-)

Robert Lee Zemeckis is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. Zemeckis first came to public attention in the 1980s as the director and co-creator of the science fiction comedy 'Back to the Future' film series, as well as the Academy Award-winning live-action/animated family comedy 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', though in the 1990s he... Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg (May 14, 1984-)

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as one of five co-founders of the social networking website Facebook. Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc. His personal wealth, is estimated to be $35.1 billion. Zuckerberg receives a one-dollar salary as CEO of... Wikipedia
White Plains, New York, United States