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April 5 Birthdays

Willeke van Ammelrooy

Willeke van Ammelrooy (April 5, 1944-)

Willy Geertje van Ammelrooij, known as Willeke van Ammelrooy, is a Dutch actress and director. Wikipedia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Andrea Arnold

Andrea Arnold (April 5, 1961-)

Andrea Arnold, OBE is an English filmmaker and former actress, who made her feature film directorial debut in 2006 with 'Red Road'. Wikipedia
Dartford, Kent, England
Curt Bois

Curt Bois (April 5, 1901-December 25, 1991)

Curt Bois was a German actor. He is best remembered for his performance as the Pickpocket in 'Casablanca'. Wikipedia
Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Élodie Bouchez

Élodie Bouchez (April 5, 1973-)

Élodie Bouchez-Bangalter is a French actress. She is best known for her role as Renée Rienne on the fifth and final season of the television show 'Alias' and for playing Maïté Alvarez in the film 'Wild Reeds'. Wikipedia
Montreuil-sous-Bois, Seine-Saint-Denis, Île-de-France, France
Albert R. Broccoli

Albert R. Broccoli (April 5, 1909-June 27, 1996)

Albert Romolo Broccoli, CBE, nicknamed "Cubby," was an American film producer who made more than 40 motion pictures throughout his career. Most of the films were made in the United Kingdom and often filmed at Pinewood Studios. Co-founder of Danjaq, LLC and Eon Productions, Broccoli is most notable as the producer of many of the 'James Bond' films.... Wikipedia
Queens, New York
Beverly Hills, California
John Carey (critic)

John Carey (critic) (April 5, 1934-)

John Carey is a British literary critic, and emeritus Merton Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford. He was born in Barnes, London, and educated at Richmond and East Sheen Boys' Grammar School, winning an Open Scholarship to St John's College, Oxford. He has held posts in a number of Oxford colleges, and is an emeritus fellow... Wikipedia
Barnes, London, England
Willy Chirino

Willy Chirino (April 5, 1947-)

Willy Chirino, born April 5, 1947 in Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río, Cuba, is an entertainer and singer in the salsa style. Wikipedia
Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río Province, Cuba
Dale R. Corson

Dale R. Corson (April 5, 1914-March 31, 2012)

Dale Raymond Corson was the eighth president of Cornell University. Born in Pittsburg, Kansas, in 1914, Corson received a B.A. degree from the College of Emporia in 1934, his M.A. degree from the University of Kansas in 1935, and his Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley in 1938. Wikipedia
Pittsburg, Kansas
Ithaca, New York
Bette Davis

Bette Davis (April 5, 1908-October 6, 1989)

Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis was an American actress of film, television and theater. Regarded as one of the greatest actors in cinema history, she was noted for her willingness to play unsympathetic, sardonic characters and was reputed for her performances in a range of film genres, from contemporary crime melodramas to historical and period films... Wikipedia
Lowell, Massachusetts, U.S.
Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Haldun Dormen

Haldun Dormen (April 5, 1928-)

Haldun Dormen is a famous Turkish theatre, movie and TV series actor and film director. Dormen is of Turkish Cypriot descent. Wikipedia
Mersin, Turkey
Melvyn Douglas

Melvyn Douglas (April 5, 1901-August 4, 1981)

Melvyn Edouard Hesselberg, better known as Melvyn Douglas, was an American actor. Wikipedia
Macon, Georgia, U.S.
New York, New York, U.S.
Richard Eberhart

Richard Eberhart (April 5, 1904-June 9, 2005)

Richard Ghormley Eberhart was an American poet who published more than a dozen books of poetry and approximately twenty works in total. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for 'Selected Poems, 1930–1965' and the 1977 National Book Award for Poetry for 'Collected Poems, 1930–1976'. He is the grandfather of Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington. Wikipedia
Austin, Minnesota, USA
Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

John Bretland Farmer (April 5, 1865-January 26, 1944)

Sir John Bretland Farmer FRS was a British botanist, born at Atherstone and educated at Magdalen College, Oxford. He was fellow of Magdalen in 1889–1897, demonstrator of botany in 1887–1892, and assistant professor of biology in 1892–1895 at Oxford, and then became professor of botany at Imperial College London. He received the Doctor of Science... Wikipedia
Ivar Giaever

Ivar Giaever (April 5, 1929-)

Ivar Giaever is a physicist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 with Leo Esaki and Brian Josephson "for their discoveries regarding tunnelling phenomena in solids". Giaever's share of the prize was specifically for his "experimental discoveries regarding tunnelling phenomena in superconductors". Giaever is an institute professor emeritus... Wikipedia
Bergen, Norway
Peter Greenaway

Peter Greenaway (April 5, 1942-)

Peter Greenaway, CBE is a British film director. His films are noted for the distinct influence of Renaissance and Baroque painting, and Flemish painting in particular. Common traits in his film are the scenic composition and illumination and the contrasts of costume and nudity, nature and architecture, furniture and people, sexual pleasure and... Wikipedia
Newport, Wales, UK

Victoria Hamilton (April 5, 1971-)

Victoria Hamilton is an English actress known for her roles on stage and television. Wikipedia
Wimbledon, London, England
Nigel Hawthorne

Nigel Hawthorne (April 5, 1929-December 26, 2001)

Sir Nigel Barnard Hawthorne, KB was an English actor. He portrayed Sir Humphrey Appleby, the Permanent Secretary in the 1980s sitcom 'Yes Minister' and the Cabinet Secretary in its sequel, 'Yes, Prime Minister'. For this role, he won four BAFTA TV Awards for Best Light Entertainment Performance. He won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor and received an... Wikipedia
Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Radwell, Hertfordshire, England
Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes (April 5, 1588-December 4, 1679)

Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, in some older texts Thomas Hobbs of Malmsbury, was an English philosopher, best known today for his work on political philosophy. His 1651 book 'Leviathan' established social contract theory, the foundation of most later Western political philosophy. Wikipedia
Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England
Derbyshire, England

Erich Kästner (camera designer) (April 5, 1911-January 31, 2005)

Erich Kurt Kästner was a German movie camera designer. He was born in Jena. Wikipedia
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar

Ayush Mahesh Khedekar (April 5, 2000-)

Ayush Mahesh Khedekar is an Indian child actor, best known for playing the child version of young Jamal Malik in 'Slumdog Millionaire', for which he won a Screen Actors Guild Award. Wikipedia
Mumbai, India

Joseph Lelyveld (April 5, 1937-)

Joseph Lelyveld was executive editor of the 'New York Times' from 1994 to 2001, and interim executive editor in 2003 after the resignation of Howell Raines. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, and a frequent contributor to the 'New York Review of Books'. Wikipedia
Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister

Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister (April 5, 1827-February 10, 1912)

Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister, Bt., OM, FRS, PC, known as Sir Joseph Lister, Bt., between 1883 and 1897, was a British surgeon and a pioneer of antiseptic surgery. By applying Louis Pasteur's advances in microbiology, he promoted the idea of sterile portable ports while working at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Lister successfully introduced... Wikipedia
Upton, Essex
Walmer, Kent

Donald Lynden-Bell (April 5, 1935-)

Donald Lynden-Bell CBE FRS is an English astrophysicist, best known for his theories that galaxies contain massive black holes at their centre, and that such black holes are the principal source of energy in quasars. He was a co-recipient, with Maarten Schmidt, of the inaugural Kavli Prize for Astrophysics in 2008. Lynden-Bell has been the... Wikipedia
Dover, United Kingdom
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (April 5, 1947-)

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is a Filipino politician who served as the 14th President of the Philippines from 2001 to 2010, as the 12th Vice President of the Philippines from 1998 to 2001, and is currently a member of the House of Representatives representing the 2nd District of Pampanga. She was the country's second female president, and the daughter... Wikipedia
San Juan, Rizal, Philippines
Joe Meek

Joe Meek (April 5, 1929-February 3, 1967)

Robert George "Joe" Meek was an English record producer and songwriter who pioneered experimental pop music. His best-remembered hit is the Tornados' "Telstar", which became the first record by a British group to reach number one in the US Hot 100. It also spent five weeks at number one the UK singles chart, with Meek receiving an Ivor Novello... Wikipedia
Newent, Gloucestershire, England
London, England

Michael Moriarty (April 5, 1941-)

Michael Moriarty is an American-Canadian stage and screen actor and a jazz musician. He played Benjamin Stone for the first four seasons in the TV series 'Law & Order.' Wikipedia
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck (April 5, 1916-June 12, 2003)

Eldred Gregory Peck was an American actor. One of the world's most popular film stars from the 1940s to the 1960s, Peck continued to play major film roles until the late 1970s. His performance as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film 'To Kill a Mockingbird' earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor. He had also been nominated for an Oscar for the same... Wikipedia
La Jolla, California, U.S.
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Colin Powell

Colin Powell (April 5, 1937-)

Colin Luther Powell is an American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. He was the 65th United States Secretary of State, serving under U.S. President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, the first African American to serve in that position. During his military career, Powell also served as National Security Advisor, as... Wikipedia
New York City, New York
Blair Rodman

Blair Rodman (April 5, 1954-)

Blair Rodman is an American professional poker player, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wikipedia
Troy, New York, United States
Janet Rowley

Janet Rowley (April 5, 1925-December 17, 2013)

Janet Davison Rowley was an American human geneticist and the first scientist to identify a chromosomal translocation as the cause of leukemia and other cancers. Wikipedia
New York City
Chicago, Illinois
Spencer Tracy

Spencer Tracy (April 5, 1900-June 10, 1967)

Spencer Bonaventure Tracy was an American actor, noted for his natural style and versatility. One of the major stars of Hollywood's Golden Age, Tracy was nominated for nine Academy Awards for Best Actor and won two, sharing the record for nominations in that category with Laurence Olivier. Wikipedia
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington (April 5, 1856-November 14, 1915)

Booker Taliaferro Washington was an African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States. Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African-American community. Wikipedia
Hale's Ford, Franklin County, Virginia, United States of America
Tuskegee, Alabama, United States of America
Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams (April 5, 1973-)

Pharrell Williams, also known by his mononym Pharrell, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and fashion designer. Williams and Chad Hugo make up the record production duo the Neptunes, producing soul, hip hop and R&B music. He is also the lead vocalist and drummer of rock, funk, and hip hop band N*E*R*D, which he formed with... Wikipedia
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States