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November 30 Birthdays

Edgar Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian

Edgar Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian (November 30, 1889-August 4, 1977)

Edgar Douglas Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian, OM PRS was an English electrophysiologist and recipient of the 1932 Nobel Prize for Physiology, won jointly with Sir Charles Sherrington for work on the function of neurons. He provided experimental evidence for the all-or-none law of nerves. Wikipedia
Hampstead, London, England
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

Sam Angel (November 30, 1920-March 21, 2007)

Sam Angel was a poker player best known as a top Razz player and for his two wins at the World Series of Poker. Wikipedia
Jacques Barzun

Jacques Barzun (November 30, 1907-October 25, 2012)

Jacques Martin Barzun was a French-born American historian. Focusing on ideas and culture, he wrote about a wide range of subjects, including baseball and classical music, and is best known as a philosopher of education. In the book 'Teacher in America', Barzun influenced the training of schoolteachers in the United States. Wikipedia
Créteil, France
San Antonio, Texas, United States

Alessio Bax (November 30, 1977-)

Alessio Bax is an Italian classical pianist. Bax was born in 1977 in Bari, Italy, and graduated from the Bari conservatory at the age of 14.He won the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition in Japan at age 19 and the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition in 2000 after first participating in 1993. Bax was a member of the Chamber Music... Wikipedia
Bari, Italy
Maria Bellonci

Maria Bellonci (November 30, 1902-May 13, 1986)

Maria Villavecchia Bellonci was an Italian writer known especially for her biography of Lucrezia Borgia. She and Guido Alberti set up the Strega Prize in 1947. Wikipedia
Jimmy Bowen

Jimmy Bowen (November 30, 1937-)

James "Jimmy" Bowen is an American record producer and former pop music performer. Bowen is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and holds an MBA with honors from Belmont University. He presently lives with his wife Ginger in Phoenix, Arizona. Wikipedia
Santa Rita, New Mexico (USA)
Robert Broom

Robert Broom (November 30, 1866-April 6, 1951)

Robert Broom FRS FRSE was a Scottish South African doctor and paleontologist. He qualified as a medical practitioner in 1895 and received his DSc in 1905 from the University of Glasgow. Wikipedia
John Dickson Carr

John Dickson Carr (November 30, 1906-February 28, 1977)

John Dickson Carr was an American author of detective stories, who also published under the pen names Carter Dickson, Carr Dickson and Roger Fairbairn. Wikipedia
Uniontown, Pennsylvania, United States
Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill (November 30, 1874-January 24, 1965)

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British politician who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. Widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century, Churchill was also an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer, and an artist. He won the Nobel Prize in... Wikipedia
Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Hyde Park Gate, London, England, United Kingdom
Dick Clark

Dick Clark (November 30, 1929-April 18, 2012)

Richard Augustus Wagstaff "Dick" Clark Jr. was an American radio and television personality, as well as a cultural icon who remains best known for hosting 'American Bandstand' from 1957 to 1987. He also hosted the game show 'Pyramid' and 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve', which transmitted Times Square's New Year's Eve celebrations. Clark was... Wikipedia
Bronxville, New York, United States
Santa Monica, California, United States
Joan Ganz Cooney

Joan Ganz Cooney (November 30, 1929-)

Joan Ganz Cooney is an American television producer. She is one of the founders of the Children's Television Network, the organization famous for the creation of the children's television show 'Sesame Street', which was also co-created by her. Cooney grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and earned a B.A. degree in education from the University of Arizona in... Wikipedia
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
Gustaf Dalén

Gustaf Dalén (November 30, 1869-December 9, 1937)

Nils Gustaf Dalén was a Swedish Nobel Laureate and industrialist, the founder of the AGA company and inventor of the AGA cooker and the Dalén light. In 1912 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his "invention of automatic regulators for use in conjunction with gas accumulators for illuminating lighthouses and buoys". Wikipedia
Stenstorp, Västergötland, Sweden
Lidingo, Stockholm, Sweden

Des'ree (November 30, 1968-)

Desirée Annette Weeks, stage name Des'ree, is a retired British R&B recording artist who rose to popularity during the 1990s. She is well known for her hits: "Feel So High", "You Gotta Be", "Life", and "Kissing You". Des'ree has not released any new material since 2003's 'Dream Soldier'. She currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Wikipedia
London, England
Stephen Dillane

Stephen Dillane (November 30, 1956-)

Stephen J. Dillane is an English actor. He is best known for his roles as Leonard Woolf in 'The Hours', Glen Foy in 'Goal!', Stannis Baratheon in 'Game of Thrones' and American politician Thomas Jefferson in the HBO miniseries 'John Adams', a role which earned him a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or... Wikipedia
Kensington, London, England, UK

Jeanette Eaton (November 30, 1886-February 19, 1968)

Jeanette Eaton was an American writer of children's books, primarily biography and history. Four times she was one of the runners-up for the annual Newbery Medal. Wikipedia
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Central Valley, New York, USA

Jon Eikemo (November 30, 1939-)

Jon Eikemo is a Norwegian actor. He debuted on stage in 1961. He made his film debut in 1968, with the movie 'De ukjentes marked'. Wikipedia

Jason Estrada (November 30, 1980-)

Jason Moses Estrada is a boxer who represented the United States at the 2004 Olympic Games in the super heavyweight division. In 2003 he won the gold medal at the Pan American Games. Wikipedia
Providence, Rhode Island, United States
William Henry Flower

William Henry Flower (November 30, 1831-July 1, 1899)

Sir William Henry Flower KCB FRCS FRS was an English comparative anatomist and surgeon. Flower became a leading authority on mammals, and especially on the primate brain. He supported Thomas Henry Huxley in an important controversy with Richard Owen about the human brain, and eventually succeeded Owen as Director of the Natural History Museum. Wikipedia
Billy Idol

Billy Idol (November 30, 1955-)

William Michael Albert Broad, known professionally by his stage name Billy Idol, is an English rock musician, songwriter and actor. Born in Stanmore, Middlesex, Idol first achieved fame in the punk rock era as a member of the band Generation X. Unlike other British punk rock artists of his era, Idol was inspired by The Beatles and The Rolling... Wikipedia
Stanmore, Middlesex, England

Frank Ifield (November 30, 1937-)

Francis Edward Ifield is an Australian easy listening and country music singer who was born in England. He achieved considerable success in the early 1960s, especially in the UK Singles Chart, where he had four No. 1 hits in 1962 and 1963. Wikipedia
Coundon, Coventry, England
Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson (November 30, 1962-)

Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson is a retired American baseball and football player. He is the only athlete to be named an All-Star in two major American sports. He was named the greatest athlete of all time by ESPN. Wikipedia
Bessemer, Alabama, United States
Albert Kesselring

Albert Kesselring (November 30, 1885-July 16, 1960)

Albert Kesselring was a German 'Luftwaffe Generalfeldmarschall' during World War II. In a military career that spanned both World Wars, Kesselring became one of Nazi Germany's most skilful commanders, being one of 27 soldiers awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds. Nicknamed "Smiling Albert" by the Allies... Wikipedia
Marktsteft, Kingdom of Bavaria, German Empire
Bad Nauheim, West Germany

Christel Khalil (November 30, 1987-)

Christel Adnana Mina Khalil is an American actress. Wikipedia
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan (November 30, 1962-)

Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan, credited as Irrfan Khan or simply Irrfan, is an Indian film actor known for his works predominantly in Bollywood. He is also known for his works in British Indian films, Hollywood ventures, and a Telugu film and a Punjabi film. He also hosted a TV show and appeared in commercials. As of 2013, he had appeared in more than... Wikipedia
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Karl Ludwig von Knebel

Karl Ludwig von Knebel (November 30, 1744-February 23, 1834)

Karl Ludwig von Knebel was a German poet and translator. Wikipedia
Castle of Wallerstein in Franconia, Holy Roman Empire
Jena, Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
David Mamet

David Mamet (November 30, 1947-)

David Alan Mamet is an American playwright, essayist, screenwriter, and film director. As a playwright, Mamet has won a Pulitzer Prize and received Tony nominations for 'Glengarry Glen Ross' and 'Speed-the-Plow'. As a screenwriter, he has received Oscar nominations for 'The Verdict' and 'Wag the Dog'. Mamet's books include: 'The Old Religion', a... Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois
Brownie McGhee

Brownie McGhee (November 30, 1915-February 16, 1996)

Walter Brown McGhee was a Piedmont blues singer and guitarist, best known for his collaborations with the harmonica player Sonny Terry. Wikipedia
Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Oakland, California, United States
Theodor Mommsen

Theodor Mommsen (November 30, 1817-November 1, 1903)

Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen was a Dano-German classical scholar, historian, jurist, journalist, politician, archaeologist and writer generally regarded as one of the greatest classicists of the 19th century. His work regarding Roman history is still of fundamental importance for contemporary research. He received the Nobel Prize in... Wikipedia
Garding, Schleswig
Charlottenburg, German Empire

Hans Moravec (November 30, 1948-)

Hans Moravec is an adjunct faculty member at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. He is known for his work on robotics, artificial intelligence, and writings on the impact of technology. Moravec also is a futurist with many of his publications and predictions focusing on transhumanism. Moravec developed techniques in computer... Wikipedia
Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks (November 30, 1912-March 7, 2006)

Gordon Parks was an American photographer, musician, writer and film director. He is best remembered for his photographic essays for 'Life' magazine and as the director of the 1971 film 'Shaft'. Wikipedia
Fort Scott, Kansas, United States
New York City, New York, United States
Mandy Patinkin

Mandy Patinkin (November 30, 1952-)

Mandel Bruce "Mandy" Patinkin is an American actor, tenor, voice artist, and comedian. Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen (November 30, 1965-)

Kevin Lee Poulsen is an American former black hat hacker and a current digital security journalist. Wikipedia
Pasadena, California
Andrew Schally

Andrew Schally (November 30, 1926-)

Andrzej Viktor "Andrew" Schally is a Polish-American endocrinologist and Nobel Prize laureate in medicine, sharing the prize that year with Roger Guillemin and Rosalyn Sussman Yalow. Wikipedia
Vilnius, Second Polish Republic
Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott (November 30, 1937-)

Sir Ridley Scott is an English film director and producer. Following his commercial breakthrough with the science-fiction horror film 'Alien', his best-known works are the neo-noir dystopian science fiction film 'Blade Runner', the drama 'Thelma & Louise', the epic historical drama 'Gladiator', which won a Best Picture Oscar, the war film 'Black... Wikipedia
South Shields, County Durham, England, UK
Allan Sherman

Allan Sherman (November 30, 1924-November 20, 1973)

Allan Sherman was an American comedy writer and television producer who became famous as a song parodist in the early 1960s. His first album, 'My Son, the Folk Singer', became the fastest-selling record album up to that time. His biggest hit single was "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh", a comic novelty in which a boy describes his summer camp... Wikipedia
Chicago, Illinois
Los Angeles
Philip Sidney

Philip Sidney (November 30, 1554-October 17, 1586)

Sir Philip Sidney was an English poet, courtier, Scholar, and soldier, who is remembered as one of the most prominent figures of the Elizabethan age. His works include 'Astrophel and Stella', 'The Defence of Poesy', and 'The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia'. Wikipedia
Penshurst Place
Arnhem, Netherlands
Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson (November 30, 1937-July 13, 1967)

Thomas "Tom" or "Tommy" Simpson was one of Britain's most successful professional cyclists. He was born in Haswell, County Durham and later moved to Harworth, Nottinghamshire. Simpson began road cycling as a teenager before taking up track cycling, specialising in pursuit races. He won a bronze medal for track cycling at the 1956 Summer Olympics... Wikipedia
Haswell, County Durham, England
Mont Ventoux, Provence, France
Donald Ogden Stewart

Donald Ogden Stewart (November 30, 1894-August 2, 1980)

Donald Ogden Stewart was an American author and screenwriter. Wikipedia
Columbus, Ohio
London, England
Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller (November 30, 1965-)

Benjamin Edward Meara "Ben" Stiller is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He is the son of veteran comedians and actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. Wikipedia
New York City, U.S.
Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift (November 30, 1667-October 19, 1745)

Jonathan Swift was an Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer, poet and cleric who became Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. Wikipedia
No. 7, Hoey's Court, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Henry Taube

Henry Taube (November 30, 1915-November 16, 2005)

Henry Taube, Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc., FRSC was a Canadian-born American chemist noted for having been awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "his work in the mechanisms of electron-transfer reactions, especially in metal complexes." He was the first Canadian-born chemist to win the Nobel Prize, and remains the only Saskatchewanian-born Nobel... Wikipedia
Neudorf, Saskatchewan, Canada
Palo Alto, California
Mark Twain

Mark Twain (November 30, 1835-April 21, 1910)

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his pen name Mark Twain, was an American author and humorist. He wrote 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' and its sequel, 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn', the latter often called "The Great American Novel". Wikipedia
Florida, Missouri
Redding, Connecticut
Vani Jairam

Vani Jairam (November 30, 1945-)

Vani Jairam is a playback singer in Indian cinema, primarily in South Indian languages, although she has a wider repertoire. Vani's career started in 1971 and has spanned over four decades. She has sung playback for several Indian movies. In addition, she has recorded several private albums and participated in numerous solo concerts in India and... Wikipedia
Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India